Mini-Challenge - Exercise 30 minutes a day, three times a week.



It can be any real exercise (walking, biking, Zumba, swimming). You just have to accurately record it.

Overall result for everyone:

Week by Week Results

Week 4 50% Successful
Week 3 77% Successful
Week 2 71% Successful
Week 1 78% Successful

Latest Results Feedback

Successful: 28 Feb 11 by NatashaChiara
"50 minutes a night on the stationary bike and I've started doing 20-25 ..."
Failed: 28 Feb 11 by momtwoboyz
"I only did my 30 mins two days...not so good for me."
Failed: 28 Feb 11 by Meech
"Fighting a cold or something & feeling a bit under the weather. Trying ..."
Successful: 27 Feb 11 by rebeccajoy
"yesterday's run made for #3 this week."
Failed: 25 Feb 11 by 4Morena2lose70
"I did not keep with the challenge this week. I did work out with Leslie's ..."
Successful: 25 Feb 11 by smh1953
"I am at a stand still now for 2 weeks getting frustrated, but not ready ..."
Failed: 23 Feb 11 by KLeddy
"left for Mexico. Failed miserably on this challenge. I will need to ..."
Successful: 21 Feb 11 by Jennifer C
"i did pretty well with my exercise this week. I want to do better next ..."
Failed: 16 Feb 11 by ladybug922
"only once so far :( going to the gym in a few min. though"
Successful: 15 Feb 11 by SamanthaPratt
"I feel kinda cheap that sometimes it was just walking."
Successful: 14 Feb 11 by MzVEE
"Sunday an hour and a half..Monday two hours..Wednesday one hour..and T ..."
Failed: 13 Feb 11 by skolem
"What can I say, I am disappointed!!!!! After the workout from wednesday, ..."
Failed: 11 Feb 11 by strwbrrypch
"hcg protocol"
Successful: 08 Feb 11 by Jennifer Trowbridge
"the hard work is starting to pay off!!"
Failed: 07 Feb 11 by browngirl
"only made it twice this week!"
Successful: 07 Feb 11 by TKs Girl
"With the snow that we received in the Midwest - I think I over did it the ..."
Failed: 06 Feb 11 by Maria Paz
"I have been sick this week."
Successful: 05 Feb 11 by pavoreal
"I think this is the first time I have made it to the gym three times in ..."
Successful: 03 Feb 11 by AKStephens
"woke up this mroning and weighed in and am shocked at the number. YAY!!!!"
Successful: 02 Feb 11 by Sinalaruby
"did 30 mins of elliptical last night before my 1 hour kickboxing class ..."