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what is better it better to do all the squats for the day at once or spread them out over the course of the day??
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30 Day Squat Challenge
I was able to find the Challenge!! Day 1- 50 Squats Day 2- 55 Squats Day 3- 80 Squats Day 4- rest Day 5- 70 Squats Day 6- 75 Squats Day 7- 80 Squats Day 8- rest Day 9- 100 Squats Day 10- 105 Squats Day ...
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Day 1 for me
50 complete and got my water in. Yay me.
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30 day squat challenge
I can't see how many to do a day.
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30 Day Squat Challenge
I did it! Yeah! I think I am a day behind though, but that's okay. Also did the mini-water challenge. That was big for me also. Good day!
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need this to build my legs
and strengthen them they are weak
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Day 1 complete!!
I know this challenge is suppose to start in 4 hours but that will be very late for me so I completed my 50 squat and heading to bed. Good night and good luck everyone :)
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New to challenges
What does this challenge consist of?
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30 Day Squat Challange
Lets do this!! I'm ready!!!
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