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Announcement: Are you hanging in there? Let's talk about attitude
Hi Ladies and Gents, I hope you're hanging in there. The new "just do something" mini-challenge was very intentionally placed at a time when most of us start to falter and feel guilty. I ...
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Announcement: Welcome!
Welcome to the 30-day Challenge! The first day is always exciting, though maintenance can be a challenge. I encourage you to start strong, and look through your calendar to set a date with yourself and ...
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DVDs don't work by osmosis
Since I have discovered that merely owning the exercise DVD doesn't seem to have any effect, I'm looking forward to this challenge ; )
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10 minute trainer
I will be doing the 10 minute trainer!
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Video workouts
I have been alternating betweein Jillian's kickboxing vidio and a Tae Bo tape. Kicking my butt! Hope to continue and will eventually be able to do whole tape without stopping to breathe!
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Accessing at-home workouts on DVD
If you're tired of your own at-home workout DVD collection, don't be afraid to check out your local library. This is almost always a collection of used workout dvds that can provide a nice respite ...
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Wow! Feel like I found the perfect exercise workout DVD for me! It's by Tiffany Rothe and its absolutely free from YOUTUBE! I started today with her 10 minute warm-up at ...
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started by shmk76, 5 years ago.