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Hey this is over? not bad!
I forgot about this challenge. Sorry guys i promised to lose 40 pounds only lost 35.
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started by HeavyWeightHEMI, 7 years ago.   
When to weigh in?
Does anybody know when or what day we are supposed to weigh in? I typically weigh in a WW each week on Thursday. Should I just post my weight then or should I weigh myself today for the first day of ...
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started by amyray319.   
Looks like I'm yellow..... :)
Hi All, I have been fighting the battle of the bulge for a long time but after having my second child I am determined to get this weight off! I work out a minimum of 4 days a week at the gym and am ...
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started by kbown.   
The Earth is lighter ;)
Over a 100 pounds lost between all the teams! Way to go everyone keep up the good work. *yes I know the Earth is not actually lighter so save the hate lol*
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started by lowcarbguy, 7 years ago.   
Go Gladiators
Go Gladiators!! Can't wait to see the final weightloss results on Monday.
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started by Nolasina, 7 years ago.   
Go Gladiators!
We Rock!8)
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started by bammasmom.   
Team Simmons
Does this mean I need to buy a pair of obscenely short red shorts?
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started by Apythia.   
I'm going to put this in writng for all to see.
I will contribute 40 pounds or more of my body weight towards the goal in the next 3 months. On this day 05/17/2011 I weigh 283.1 and I predict I will be less than 240 on the last day of this challenge. ...
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started by HeavyWeightHEMI.   
Team baywatch
We are totally winning this one!! Im super xompetitive!
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started by Peanut3333, 7 years ago.   
What's Up Team American Gladiators
I want to introduce myself, I've been at this since February 1st I started weighing 392lbs as of this morning I weighed in at 303.4lbs I workout 5-6 days a week 2 hours total each day weights incl ...
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started by stanhm76.   
How do I know what team I"m on?
Hi everybody! New to teams How wll I know?
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started by Chakrarain.   
Scratch that last question
I found out that I'm on the red team! Yay!
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started by Chakrarain, 7 years ago.   
Hello Team Bay Watch!!
Hello I'm HeavyWeightHEMI I'm very competitive and we are going to kick butt. Have a nice day and good luck!
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started by HeavyWeightHEMI.   
I am now in two challenges - 3 month weight loss war and 10 lb. weight loss challenge by the end of June. Hoping this will keepme focused. :d
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started by gigi728, 7 years ago.   
So how are these teams chosen?
Just curious...
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started by HeavyWeightHEMI, 7 years ago.   
So how are these teams chosen?
I too wonder how the teams are chosen? :)
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started by HeavyWeightHEMI, 7 years ago.