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Posted: 09 Sep 2013, 17:02
I take a pinch of green tea leaves in a standard coffee cup with boiled water and refill the cup using the same leaves about 3 times a day. I do this to get caffeine so I don't have to get all the additives from coffee. This is challenge I can keep up with but what are the other benefits?

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Posted: 09 Sep 2013, 20:09
Well, for starters, green tea is less fermented than other teas. So there is less chance of pesticides and other things you don't want to drink seeping into your tea if it is steeped too long.

Drinking warm and cool things helps with your metabolism (because you body has to normalize the temperature.) However, there are studies that indicate that warm liquids are better for the metabolism. Don't drink the tea while it is boiling, it can increase risk of throat cancer.

Drinking more liquids helps with digestion, including bowel regularity, and helps put off hunger.

I hope that link shows up.

Another point to address, is what the green tea is replacing. Obviously, this challenge will benefit those that are switching from carbonated beverages or really sugary drinks.

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Posted: 11 Sep 2013, 15:35
Thanks for the info it's appreciated!

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