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3 cups of green tea per day, for a week
I guess I started early today like everyone else. OOPS! Today is the 9th right? LOL! Oh well I had my first cup of green tea with my breakfast.
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started by Btownchick.   
Green Tea flavors
How about flavored green tea bags...peach, mint...? Or is there a specific kind that is best for better results? Thanks!
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started by BrendaSH.   
What is this supposed to do?
I take a pinch of green tea leaves in a standard coffee cup with boiled water and refill the cup using the same leaves about 3 times a day. I do this to get caffeine so I don't have to get all the ...
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started by AzuraLuna.   
Green tea
2cups of tea. Today. 3 cups yesterday.
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started by lets get movinglll , 5 years ago.   
Question for the Challenge
Could we put Stevia instead of sugar? It has 0 calories and it is natural sweetener! Please reply! Thanks! :d
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started by Mambo poa.   
First time entering a challenge
Not sure if this is where this goes. I guess I started early, yesterday I drank 3 cups of green tea and today I have completed one cup so far.
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started by Fe_lifter, 5 years ago.   
Day 1 !
Good Morning and Good Luck to All the participants!!! May I have a cup of Green Tea, please? ;)
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started by Mambo poa, 5 years ago.   
green tea challenge
I thought it started today and am having my first cup I see its not for 15 hrs. lol,
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started by dorothy110.   
So... what is this stuff supposed to taste like?
It does not taste like tea or grass, it doesn't taste like anything really. Thankfully it doesn't taste like water (I prefer mine frozen and surrounded by alcohol). Are you sure this will help? ...
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started by respire8, 5 years ago.   
green tea challenge
can we drink our 3 cups of green tea all at once or does it have to be 3 times a daily? I love green tea.
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started by dorothy110.   
Green Tea Diet
I'm new so pardon if my questions are dumb. Do we eat meals in addition to the green tea per day? Does bottled diet green tea count?
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started by DJBelt.   
Green Tea suppressed appetite!
Green tea relaxes your body and suppress appetite!
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started by stephzq, 5 years ago.   
Type of green tea
I am wondering if we are to drink hot green tea or old/ice green tea for this challenge.
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started by Andresmom7, 5 years ago.   
Type of green tea
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started by Andresmom7, 5 years ago.   

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