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I really hope this short challenge has been of use to you. Psychologically, I have found that dealing with 24 hours at a time and knowing that you can see if I :) cheat has been very encouraging for me. ...
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My apologies people, it is taking a while to work out the best way to run this challenge :)
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My challenge for today...
is to undo the damage inflicted on myself last night by a carb binge. Probably need to spend the entire day on the elliptical trainer, ho hum. Note to self: carbs don't like you ;)
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started by maria2010, 6 years ago.   
Friday's challenge! the week is almost done..
My challenge for today and tom is to exercise in the morning, only allow carbs for breakfast and no dinner after 7pm
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My challenge for Wednesday: repeat the Monday & Tuesday challenges as one or both of them seems to be working. They are tough, but it won't kill me to do them again for 24 hours (trying to convince myself) LOL
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Tues challenge
My challenge today is to repeat yesterdays challenge of eating breakfast & add a walk in today.
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My positive thought for the day:
Even though I have not lost any weight for a while, at least I have found a reasonable eating plan (that doesn't make me gain) to use once I have reached my goal :)
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Mini Challenge
Okay because I have been doing nothing regarding my diet & exercise, this should help me. My first challenge is going to be getting back to eating something for breakfast.
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