Mini-Challenge - No fast food for one week!



Start making your own meals or healthier substitutes for the meals you like from these fast food places.

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Week by Week Results

Week 2 78% Successful
Week 1 86% Successful

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Failed: 20 Jan 13 by Soon2BSlim
"On Friday I gave into some Chinese food "
Successful: 14 Jan 13 by Marty70
"slipped up a little on the weekend when away from home, had Md.Rmoved all ..."
Failed: 14 Jan 13 by RTAdesigns
"First day and I made a food run to Wendy's. AAhhhh!!! No!!!!"
Failed: 14 Jan 13 by raaj49
"i'm week"
Successful: 13 Jan 13 by KashMulaTx
"I have been so motivated! I always run to bak to fast food when results ..."
Successful: 11 Jan 13 by lern41
"Did a three day detox during to get rid of cravings. Worked really well"
Successful: 09 Jan 13 by Ice-Monstah711
"as a fulltime student, i have eaten out this week, however my food choice ..."

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