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last weigh-in for this challenge
I am down 19 lbs in 9 weeks. Was hoping to hit 20 lbs, but I am very happy with the 19 lb loss. About 35 lbs to go to goal weight!!!
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started by Sue Brown, 7 years ago.   
I had a baby in july 2010 and have been having trouble since then losing weight...this was my 5th child and I'm very busy going tgo school to get my nursing degree as well as working full time so I ...
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started by jmvnurse.   
super excited
Found this app 2 Days ago and i love it, cant wait to Start losing weight and to see everyone elses progress. We can do it!! I am a mother of 6 and ready to bring sexy back :)
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started by skaterella.   
Day 1
Started riding my bike to work today, boy it is way garder than i imagined. I had to talk myself into it. I was trying to make any excuse to drive, but i got on and went. Yeah me :)
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started by skaterella.   
I hope that I am determined enough to do this...I tend to give up on things too easily. Have been exercising at least twice a week for the past month and a half. Haven't lost any weight though.:?:
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started by mvngon.   
How many caloires burned?
I've got a coupld of dvd's for working out and I have no idea how to figure out the number of calories burned to add onto my total. i have biggest loser at home challenge and calorie knockout, ...
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started by Syaworski.   
How often should we update our weigh in results?
Is there a specific time frame we have to do? should I update daily or just every Monday..? PS: LETS GO RED TEAM!!!
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started by riichniice.   
I'm excited for this!
I stumbled upon the app for this site. Awesome stuff. I'm so excited!
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started by kellai81.   
Here we go!
Ok i put on a stone in 3 months!!! this has got to go plus the extra 6!! i am a mum of 8 kids and am never sat still but have piled on the pounds. going to France in April and want to get in the pool ...
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started by Jolee1972, 7 years ago.   
We CAN do it
Looking forward to feeling confident on Spring Break!!
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started by 70jojo.   
New to website, and raring to go!!!
Going to Florida in March for a family vacation, and would REALLY like to feel better about myself in summer clothes (as well as my tankini!) I've also noticed that I have slowly disappeared from our ...
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started by rebtaylor67, 7 years ago.   
I Can I Can and WE can
Great way to start losing. Here is to all of us and 20 lbs less. :d
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started by Susan R, 7 years ago.   
Welcome to the Lose 20lbs in 9 weeks Challenge
I am going to look at this a gift to myself first and my family 2nd. I am looking forward to doing this as you have planned out. Thanks for taking the time to put so much info out there! patricia
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started by gssman526, 7 years ago.   
Ihope to lose this by 02/29/2012 for my wedding I know I can do it. I just need to watch what i eat and get moving.
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started by jeno897, 7 years ago.   
'Bout time
After the third time in 2011 my husband was in the hospital for heart issues and this time he has developed diabetes, I can't believe I don't quit eating junk. It will be me if I don't do ...
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started by DrC2001, 7 years ago.   

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