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I've decided to bite the bullet and complete my daily work outs in the morning, before work. That's right 6 am workouts! :shock: I'm up for the challenge and looking forward to the results. ...
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started by Fit_MissC, 7 years ago.   
Looking forward to the challenge
I really need to drop 20 lbs. I am not liking how my clothes have been fitting lately and it's putting me into a nasty cycle...I get mad, depressed, then go find something to snack on (usually not ...
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started by SandraDee1973.   
Any suggestions on calorie counts?
How do I figure out what would be a reasonable amount of daily calories for me to lose weight?
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started by Ms.jrbuchanan.   
Does anyone know a good scale I can buy?
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started by aso1577.   
Mini-Challenges too challenging
I like the 20 lbs. in 12 weeks, but the mini-challenges are too intense for me. 90 minute sessions are too intense for me until I get into marathon training. I can't eat the five mini-meals a day ...
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started by DairyKing.   
Lets do this!
Ive been eating healthy and exercising (zumba, cycling and jogging) for 4 weeks now and have lost 7lbs but i need to boost it big time as my weight is 10st 2 so a healthy bmi would have me losing 20lbs! ...
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started by salemwatts.   
Fat secret programs
I thought I could fill out a survey on this site that would tell me how many calories I can have per day , with low moderate or high exercise levels and then it asks how quickly I want to lose the weight ...
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started by karen stomackin, 7 years ago.