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lost 15 pounds!!
hello my name is Alice since i started this challenge I have lost fifteen pounds and I started the challenge in march 2010 so five more pounds before this challenge is done hope i can do it trying really ...
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started by nanaal45, 9 years ago.   
20lbs gone by your next birthday
Hi all just started weightwatchers at home. Tried it online before,did alright, but got lazy. Saw Jennifer Hudson doing a ww comercial, and on front of a couple magazines, I was really empressed,gave me ...
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started by Shirlgirl.   
Arrgh----Gaining 2 weeks in a row :(
Ok, this was frustrating. I went over my calories 2 days, but I actually ate well the other days and I *STILL* gained 2.7 lbs this week :(. I know TOM is due this week(Tues) but I still hate seeing the ...
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started by demomof2, 9 years ago.   
My birthday's on April 29th, but I want to lose 29 pounds by June 15.
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started by kiaralovesyouxo, 9 years ago.   
hola i am super excited about this challenge =D. My bday is o8/31 and i want to lose 35 lbs by then
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started by sdaceved, 9 years ago.   
birthday wish
Hello everyone. I'm Sunshine510 and my bday is on may 10th so I don't actually think I lose a full 20 but I'm hoping I can swing at least ten! :d
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started by Sunshine510, 9 years ago.   
How are you doing today?
HI everyone. I don't understand how this website starts it's challenges since it said it started today, yet it says now it's starts in 8 hours? I guess that means it actually starts tomo ...
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started by demomof2, 9 years ago.   
October Here I come!!!
Hi my name is Leeah. I am going to be 26 on Oct. 15. My goal is to lose 58 lbs. by January 2010. So hopefully I can get those 20 lbs. off before October. Starting today!!!
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started by llctaylor, 9 years ago.   
20 lbs gone by your next birthday
Hi I'm Shirlgirl my b-day is September 3, this is also my 33rd Anniversary. I'm going to loose the 20 lbs pluse another 30 lbs. YES I CAN.:) :lol:
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started by Shirlgirl, 9 years ago.   
June 17th
Ok, I turn 38 June 17th and have my 20 years Reunion in July and I'm trying very hard ti drop my last 15 pounds that I haven't been able to shed! I'm a first timer to Fat Secret and need ...
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started by mzlmarie72, 9 years ago.   
Hey Everybody!
My name is Kiara and I will be turning 19 on June 26, so I know I can do this. I gained the freshman 15 at school, and now I just feel gross. Hopefully, I can have a decent beach body for the first time ...
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started by Kabie, 9 years ago.   
Hi, my name is Angela. I'm an october baby. I plan to lose the 20 in 12, and then maintain. I am only 14 lb til STGW, 22 lb from LTGW. I am taking control of me :badgrin:
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started by angela75, 9 years ago.   
My name is Danielle. I hit the big 3-0 on June 23rd and I am hoping that joining the challenge will keep me motivated to lose 20 lbs. I have been working hard for the past month and I am down about 8 ...
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started by dmaynard623, 9 years ago.   
Hello! I'm down for this challenge!
My name is Eric and my birthday is June 17th! I'm pretty confident that I can lose the 20 by then. The people on here on really supportive and offer great insight to what they are doing and what is ...
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started by eric78dx, 9 years ago.   
Hi i'm up for this
Hi my name is Helen and I am up for this challenge. I really need to get moving and I know this will help. My Birthday is the end of July, but I have a lot of challenges in between, we are going on ...
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started by I am the gram, 9 years ago.   

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