Challenge Forum: the begining of week 2, how did our weigh ins go?

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Posted: 24 May 2016, 04:15
I'm only 2.5lbs down this week, so off target for the 3lbs per week, but in fairness, i'm lucky i have lost that!
i have eaten terribly! and the alcohol consumption has been quite something!

Hows the rest of you getting on?


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Posted: 24 May 2016, 06:52
@Chezzle.....Well, hmmm.....I am averaging a pound per week. I chalk it up to this menopoo (menopause). It seems like my body changed as soon as my hormones dropped. My ovaries are failing and it shows. Can't drink caffeine or alcohol anymore and surely can't eat the junk anymore. Any weight loss is better than a weight gain though. That's a positive. I still believe I can get the 12 pounds off. I am going to increase my activity a bit more. It's better that I lose slow because I don't want to jolt my kidneys.