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the begining of week 2, how did our weigh ins go?
I'm only 2.5lbs down this week, so off target for the 3lbs per week, but in fairness, i'm lucky i have lost that! i have eaten terribly! and the alcohol consumption has been quite something! Hows ...
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I drank my water yesterday. Carbs were a little higher than I want. I'll try to tweak as the week continues.
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Hows the mini challenge going people?
I'm falling flat on my face at day 2! haha I am aware though and trying to up my water in take, my little infuser is my best friend!
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Big Milestone
I'm doing this challenge because it's exactly what I need to get under 200 lbs for the first time in 8 yrs! I can't wait to feel what that feels like!
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Fallen so far from the wagon i couldnt even see the road!
The reason i want to do this challenge is that i was doing so well, heading for my wedding dress size and enjoying it! And then..... i tried on my dress, it fit, i was ecstatic, i went on holiday thinking ...
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1/3 of the way
Was down to 221 in October. Had an achilles injury which caused me to miss 3 months of taekwondo classes. I made up for the lack of exercise by eating more (everything in sight). Ballooned up to 250. ...
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ok, hold my feet to the fire - :-)
I can loose quickly but tend to gain it back - I need to focus in on exactly what I need to eat and make that the 'lifestyle' so routine that I don't have to think twice about it - it be ...
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Joining challenge. Can I do it?
:x :roll: :shock: :shock: This will be interesting to see if I can lose 12 in 28. I'll have to work at it. I'll need to avoid the red meat and the carb veggies like beets peas and carrots. If ...
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