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Great link about the Green Tea & Weight loss...
So, I answered my own question...
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started by ldred415.   
How do you report every day without weighing in?
I only weigh in on Thursdays, but I notice some people are making a daily report on challenge progress. How do you do that. If you have to weigh in to report, I won't be doing that. I AM drinking my ...
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started by Johanne, 8 years ago.   
NO sweeteners?
I can't drink it straight. I have a slice of lemon and a spoon of Splenda. Is this ok for this challenge?
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started by rbrambley, 8 years ago.   
Sounds easy enough...but
I'm interested...why green tea after every meal...what does it do? I'm game...
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started by ldred415, 8 years ago.   
Green Tea?
I joined this challenge only knowing that green tea is good for your body. Why after each meal though?
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started by Kristy Chen, 8 years ago.