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KETO for 8 weeks (part two) to reach our goal. Plus IF, 16/8, 18/6, 23/1. Good luck!
starts in: 5 days
duration: 8 weeks
day 1: Monday 25 Jun 18
  10 Week Jump Rope (Skipping) Challenge
Challenge yourself to jump rope (skipping) everyday depend on your current fitness level, be consistent and see the result.
starts in: 11 days
duration: 10 weeks
day 1: Sunday 01 Jul 18
  8 week / 800 calorie blood sugar challenge
8 weeks, 800 calories to loose weight and reverse type 2 diabetes or stop you getting it.
starts in: 11 days
duration: 8 weeks
day 1: Sunday 01 Jul 18

Challenges In Progress

  16kgs/35.2lbs in 8 weeks Challenge!
Feel free to join if you are up for the challenge! What is a challenge if it ain’t challenging?
status: In Progress
currently: Week 8 of 8
end date: Tuesday 26 Jun 18
  20lbs 6 Weeks
Goal is to lose 20lbs in 6 weeks through eating healthy and exercising
status: In Progress
currently: Week 3 of 6
end date: Sunday 15 Jul 18
  5 pound weight loss challenge
Baby steps 👶, lose five pounds in two weeks. Any diet you chose.
status: In Progress
currently: Day 12 of 14
end date: Friday 22 Jun 18
  14lbs in 8 weeks
2lbs per week with a little bit of wiggle room.
status: In Progress
currently: Week 7 of 8
end date: Monday 02 Jul 18
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