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Mini Challenge - Dsestroy your Food Monster - Successful
"Almost to the end...i almost went bak to my old habit and ate a whole half gallon of ice cream...but i DID NOT....because i looked up the fat grams and I was so SHOCKED i put the ice cram down and almost ran into people as i was exiting the grocery store.."
Journal Entry - 29 Jun 12
"Yesterday...traveling and I decided that I would get back with it tomorrow and start on slim fast part way..2 pounds from ..."
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yesterday...lots of fats....granddaughter Dori birthday party..stressful...i did not eat candy or cake but ate popcorn microwave and tostitos scoops and salsa..not many...the kicker was when I got home and ate some of my soy ice cream. I knew when i bought the Purely Decedent Peanut Butter Zig Zag Non Dairy ice cream that I should have listened to my inner voice...IF YOU BUY THAT YOU WILL FEEL BAD AFTER YOU EAT IT....I bought it anyway. It is almost impossible to resist the taste of chocolate and peanut butter together and the smooth creamy relaxing comforting thought of each spoon full fulling my stress.... OKAY....back up on that know the saying....I will not go near the ice cream isle. I blame it on my dinner guests from the night who loves it too...I would have not bought it if they did not love it as well... That is what I tell myself anyway....I know my husband will say, "only have 3 spoonfuls and put it back"...Are you kidding me?? that is not the way of the world...EAT it all until the pint(at least it is only a pint is ALL gone...When I only eat 3 spoonfuls and put it back I keep going to the ice box and getting it back out and take 3 more spoonfuls..So what the XXX Eat it all the first time and save electricity.  
27 Apr 12 by member: jkasten
ok...I can not believe that I am keeping this up...but I hate failure and do not want to walk the plank like last time...I had to swim forever to get back to land..BUT NOT THIS TIME.......EAT...RECORD....EAT...EXERCISE...RECORD......I keep telling myself.... 
29 May 12 by member: jkasten
26 Jun 12 by member: jkasten
Way to go on putting the ice cream down!!! Try looking at the sorbets instead--sure, I am the first to admit it's not ice cream but it's a pretty darn good substitute. And they have these great little containers you can buy where you get to eat the whole thing and not feel guilty--and still got a treat!!! 
06 Jul 12 by member: KellyAAM


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