Challenge Start Date: 03 Feb 09 billcarleton's Start Weight: 195.0 lb
Challenge Duration: 6 weeks billcarleton's Last Weight: 196.0 lb (06 Feb 09)
Current Period: Challenge Completed Team: TEAM BLUEBERRY
Period ended: 17 Mar 09

  Week 6

No result recorded
Period ended: 10 Mar 09

  Week 5

No result recorded
Period ended: 03 Mar 09

  Week 4

No result recorded
Period ended: 24 Feb 09

  Week 3

No result recorded
Period ended: 17 Feb 09

  Week 2

No result recorded
Period ended: 10 Feb 09

  Week 1

Mini Challenge - Be strong in the face of high calorie temptations - Failed
"I had a piece of bacon explosion yesterday. It was awesome."
Mini Challenge - Make exercise a regular part of your day - Failed
"Did not exercise every day this week."
Mini Challenge - Mirror Challenge: Compliments - Successful
Journal Entry - 06 Feb 09
"Today I will face a few challenges with food. Going to Delaneys for a beer with work friends, most likely will share an ..."
Journal Entry - 04 Feb 09
"Yesterday I splurged a bit. Went over to my gramps in West Haven to brew beer and Mike was there. I was at 19 points by my ..."
Weigh-in: 196.0 lb This Week:  0.51 %  (Up 1.0 lb) Total Progress:  0.51 %  (Up 1.0 lb)

  Start Weight

Weigh-in: 195.0 lb


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