Challenge Start Date: 29 Jan 09 nikeit's Start Weight: 163.0 lb
Challenge Duration: 1 weeks nikeit's Last Weight: 162.0 lb (05 Feb 09)
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Period ended: 05 Feb 09

  Day 7

Mini Challenge - EXERCISE REALLY HELPS - KEEP IT UP!!!! - Successful
"1 hour weights - 4 hours working out merch - finished the challenge successfully!"
Mini Challenge - ONLY HEALTHY DRINKS...LOVE THIS ONE!!!! - Successful
"All week - challenge completed!!!!"
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I love your positive mind set. Everyday IS good and everyday brings us one day closer to our goal weight. I saw in your profile you have a dog. I adopted a little 16 pounder, maybe 3 years old?, three legged, sweet as can be, dog from the Humane Society about 2 months ago. I took her to my vet and had her spayed, she has had puppies, a defective toe nail removed and her badly absessed teeth taken care of. 6 of them actually. I had a large vet bill but I did not care, she is so worth it, whoever said money can not buy happiness had no clue! Keep up the good work. :-)  
31 Jan 09 by member: WECANDOTHIS
I have a little terrior mix too I am not sure what different breeds she is. Some Jack Russell for sure, maybe a bit of corgi?, I think she is just a heinz 57, and that is ok. She is the color of a collie, white and caramel, medium length hair. She is soft like a bunny not wiry. I am trying to teach her to play with toys, she just does not quite get it yet. I see yours is white and fluffy, she reminds me of a friend of mine who has a bicon. Sweet. I have to get a photo of mine on my camera, not just my cell phone and put that on this site, great idea. I am having a colonoscopy tomorrow, so yesterday and today I am on clear stuff which includes ginger ale for the sugar. Too lightheaded to get on the treadmill. I am soooo hungry. Tomorrow I will get back with the challenge. I knew I was having to have this done but the challenge sounded like something I really needed to do. I have been posting to my diet board what I have had and I am keeping it to the points. Everytime I do this clear cleansing I gain from all the sugar so I am trying to keep that from happening. But I have to have the sugar to keep my blood sugar up. Such a cycle. I will weigh-in on Thursday the 5th, my first weigh-in on Fat Secret, I am really looking forward to it. I plan to have eggs and toast when I am done with my procedure Monday a.m., that just sounds so good to me right now. It is hard to figure out where to post notes to people. I finally found YOUR challenge wall by clicking on your name and going to your site and getting on it from there and there was your challenge wall, I see I can also click contact you under your photo. I am still trying to figure the site out. It is amazing, I have told many of my friends about this. I have been struggling with this 20 pounds for three years and for some reason this has connected. About time. It is a long journey but this site and the support is wonderful.  
01 Feb 09 by member: WECANDOTHIS
Thank you for the input. I do journal every day.  
01 Feb 09 by member: WECANDOTHIS
I tried to contact you via the space under your photo. I clicked on that, wrote a note, a little box came on and it said "I could send no more private message at this stage." I have contacted you that way before so I have no clue why I cannot do it now. And what is "this stage?" Sounds mysterious. I contacted someone else the same way after you tonight and that went through, no problem. Anyway, I wanted to thank you and it is funny, I was going to contact you to see if YOU wanted to be MY buddy. I love your positive mind set. This will be good for both of us. If you hear you are having problems hearing from others with the private messages let me know. 
01 Feb 09 by member: WECANDOTHIS


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