Challenge Start Date: 19 Sep 16 rhontique's Start Weight: 179.0 lb
Challenge Duration: 12 weeks rhontique's Last Weight: 165.0 lb (08 Dec 16)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 12 Dec 16

  Week 12

Mini Challenge - Eat 3 Meals a Day - Successful
Mini Challenge - Make walking part of your day - Successful
Mini Challenge - Make exercise a regular part of your day - Failed
Mini Challenge - Watch what you eat - Successful
Journal Entry - 12 Dec 16
"Once again the idiot box just stares back at me. I guess steady is okay, the drop will come, it always does....eventually. ..."
Journal Entry - 11 Dec 16
"It seems I will do most anything to avoid wrapping those Christmas presents. This evening it is addressing Christmas cards. ..."
Journal Entry - 11 Dec 16
"The freezing rain that was supposed to hit this morning is missing in action, so I will head into church after all. There ..."
Journal Entry - 10 Dec 16
"DH and I ended up going to Des Moines Ia.(about 100 miles north) yesterday and purchased a new (to me) double oven electric ..."
Journal Entry - 09 Dec 16
"Yea me! Idiot box finally moved! Going this morning to the locker to pick up a lamb that we had butchered. Then I've got ..."
Journal Entry - 08 Dec 16
"Idiot box just stares back at me. This is why I usually record my weight once a week. My body seems to move in fits and ..."
Journal Entry - 08 Dec 16
"Here are the remains of the very first ornament I tried to hang on the tree. Couldn't decide whether to persevere or call ..."
Journal Entry - 07 Dec 16
"One of the gentlemen we visited with at the Pearl Harbor memorial. Herb Weatherwax, he survived the attack on December 7th."
Journal Entry - 07 Dec 16
"Stayed even today but I am happy. I wasn't sure that big drop from yesterday would hold, but it did. Today is my sweet M ..."
Journal Entry - 06 Dec 16
"Oh my gosh! I am shocked! I was really busy yesterday and didn't eat a whole lot and did lots of walking but I never exp ..."
Weigh-in: 165.0 lb This Week:  1.49 %  (Down 2.5 lb) Total Progress:  7.82 %  (Down 14.0 lb)
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