contemptuous 's Performance Challenge: Make me skinny!!

Challenge Start Date: 11 Feb 13 contemptuous 's Start Weight: 101.0 lb
Challenge Duration: 4 weeks contemptuous 's Last Weight: 101.0 lb (13 Feb 13)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 11 Mar 13

  Week 4

Journal Entry - 08 Mar 13
"Feeling amazing right now, like I can conquer the world, I am that much in a state of serenity over my life. I ate hardly ..."
Journal Entry - 05 Mar 13
Journal Entry - 05 Mar 13
"i went away for a while, probably got really fucking fat, and now i'm back to obsess over calories again. here we go. "
Period ended: 04 Mar 13

  Week 3

No result recorded
Period ended: 25 Feb 13

  Week 2

Journal Entry - 22 Feb 13
"SPLURGE DAY!!! But, am going to gym with friend tonight so it's cool, we'll just be extra charged up. Tummy aches for some ..."
Period ended: 18 Feb 13

  Week 1

Mini Challenge - Eat 3 Meals a day - Successful
"So far so good, I love three meals a day PLUS snacking. Feeling skinnier already"
Mini Challenge - Cut out/ down sugar in hot drinks and fizzy drinks - Successful
"okaay okay, it put in a teaspoon of brown sugar in my decaf today. But hey, I read that splenda is horrid for your body, AND MAKES YOU GAIN WEGHT! can you believe it! those bastards! But yes, I am pretty sugarfree but don't do artificial gross sweeteners. I opt for a natural sweetener any day."
Mini Challenge - 3 Active hours a week! - Successful
"Oh I totally surpass this. no prob. "
Mini Challenge - Drink More - Successful
"yep, green tea and water all day long. its great! I pee constantly!"
Mini Challenge - Cut down/ out take aways, sweets, crisps and chocolate - Successful
"yes, i don't really eat out anymore and def no processed foods. I let the occasional tidbit slide if it's just a tiny taste of something. Usually a big no though. "
Mini Challenge - Last but not least, take your vitamins!! - Failed
"I really don't know what sort of vites I should take. I'm also broke until further notice (ie: I get a job)"
Journal Entry - 18 Feb 13
"very satisfied today, and feeling GREAT! 2 hour workout + simple and nutritious comfort food leaves me in warm-all-over ..."
Journal Entry - 18 Feb 13
"grrrr... I need to lose all the weight. ALL THE WEIGHT!"
Journal Entry - 14 Feb 13
"Ughhh...didn't realize how much studying takes a toll on your exercise. I hate this. None yesterday, none today, and none ..."
Journal Entry - 13 Feb 13
"Today is much better than yesterday. I think some people just are my problem friends where I do the unhealthy foods with ..."
Journal Entry - 12 Feb 13
"fat friday, you wont defeat me!!!!! I will win! one day is not going to save you, ha!"
Journal Entry - 12 Feb 13
"On the whole, I failed because of today. Going to chill and try again tomorrow. no more time to work out :("
Journal Entry - 12 Feb 13
"FAIL FAIL FAIL! TODAY WAS A BIG FAT FAIL. didn't go hiking and instead chowed down a half a giant 8oz burger (4oz!) PLUS ..."
Journal Entry - 12 Feb 13
"Just about ready for bed and feeling tired. Need to get up early and have breakfast! Am planning on a tasty and hot oatmeal ..."
Journal Entry - 12 Feb 13
"Just read the most inspiring diet article! ..."
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  Start Weight

Weigh-in: 101.0 lb


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