Hermiones Mom's Performance Challenge: Lose a Decade!

Challenge Start Date: 10 Oct 15 Hermiones Mom's Start Weight: 181.4 lb
Challenge Duration: 12 weeks Hermiones Mom's Last Weight: 171.6 lb (18 Dec 15)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 02 Jan 16

  Week 12

Journal Entry - 28 Dec 15
"Still plodding along toward the New Year. I'm staying off the scale until 1-11, that's the plan. That way, if I've gained ..."
Period ended: 26 Dec 15

  Week 11

No result recorded
Period ended: 19 Dec 15

  Week 10

Journal Entry - 18 Dec 15
"Been a bit off the grid. I am just so insanely busy right now, with my family coming from France tonight, and Christmas just ..."
Weigh-in: 171.6 lb This Week:  0.29 %  (Down 0.5 lb)* Total Progress:  5.40 %  (Down 9.8 lb)
Period ended: 12 Dec 15

  Week 9

Journal Entry - 11 Dec 15
"Not losing right now, and can't tell exactly where I am because I'm in DC at my sister's and her scale weighs quite diff ..."
Period ended: 05 Dec 15

  Week 8

Journal Entry - 01 Dec 15
"That's right: Keeping resolutions to stay off the scale is almost impossible for me once there's actually a scale in the ..."
Journal Entry - 30 Nov 15
"I just want to say: If I've recently declined a buddy request from you, please don't be upset or feel rejected. I respect ..."
Journal Entry - 30 Nov 15
"So I'll come clean: I ate a candy bar today. This is an extremely unusual occurrence because candy bars are a FODMAP min ..."
Weigh-in: 172.6 lb This Week:  0.69 %  (Down 1.2 lb) Total Progress:  4.85 %  (Down 8.8 lb)
Period ended: 28 Nov 15

  Week 7

Journal Entry - 27 Nov 15
"My Thanksgiving dinner was delicious, but so so much work. I still have another big meal to cook for family on Sunday, but ..."
Journal Entry - 22 Nov 15
"So I made my first experimental gluten-free, lactose-free holiday dessert: pumpkin maple pecan gelato. This was based on ..."
Weigh-in: 173.8 lb This Week:  0.23 %  (Down 0.4 lb) Total Progress:  4.19 %  (Down 7.6 lb)
Period ended: 21 Nov 15

  Week 6

Mini Challenge - The object of this challenge is to move from the decade we are in to the next decade down. - Failed
Mini Challenge - Keep a thankfulness journal. - Successful
"Didn't write it down... but have thought about it every single day."
Mini Challenge - Stick to your food plan. - Successful
"Ate a bit higher in calorie count, but also added some exercise."
Mini Challenge - Move! - Successful
Journal Entry - 21 Nov 15
"This might be a phony weight, but I couldn't resist posting it. Past couple of days my IBS has run riot with my digestion, ..."
Journal Entry - 18 Nov 15
"What a challenge it's going to be to stay on the straight and narrow dring the holidays. Of course, the FODMAP limitations ..."
Journal Entry - 17 Nov 15
"OK OK -- I couldn't resist getting on the scale one more time before Thanksgiving. I just needed to know that the scale ..."
Journal Entry - 15 Nov 15
"Ok I admit it. I am not going to lose weight if I eat more than 1450 calories per day. How long have I known this? -- oh, ..."
Weigh-in: 174.2 lb This Week:  1.02 %  (Down 1.8 lb) Total Progress:  3.97 %  (Down 7.2 lb)
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