Challenge Start Date: 01 Jul 12 4bladams's Start Weight: 281.5 lb
Challenge Duration: 5 weeks 4bladams's Last Weight: 284.6 lb (06 Jul 12)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 05 Aug 12

  Week 5

No result recorded
Period ended: 29 Jul 12

  Week 4

No result recorded
Period ended: 22 Jul 12

  Week 3

No result recorded
Period ended: 15 Jul 12

  Week 2

No result recorded
Period ended: 08 Jul 12

  Week 1

Journal Entry - 06 Jul 12
"There’s not too much to comment on yesterday’s eating – I was compliant with my calorie goals and it was easy to do so. ..."
Journal Entry - 05 Jul 12
"I’m leaving for work early today, so I only have enough time for the bare minimum in the journal for my weigh-in log. ..."
Journal Entry - 04 Jul 12
"As I write this, most of the day has already gone by.... I spent a good part of this morning working on an automated Excel ..."
Journal Entry - 03 Jul 12
"Yesterday was a reasonable food day; I was 79 calories over the somewhat arbitrary 2000 budget that I used. Starting today, ..."
Journal Entry - 02 Jul 12
"Yesterday was an unusual food day because I slept late and was busy the whole day. I kept postponing meals so that I could ..."
Weigh-in: 284.6 lb This Week:  1.11 %  (Up 3.1 lb) Total Progress:  1.11 %  (Up 3.1 lb)

  Start Weight

Weigh-in: 281.5 lb


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