Challenge Start Date: 27 Jun 10 deolini's Start Weight: 151.5 lb
Challenge Duration: 12 weeks deolini's Last Weight: 152.0 lb (19 Aug 10)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 19 Sep 10

  Week 12

Journal Entry - 19 Sep 10
"omg, i hope this wt gain is from pre & post hiking. my body % is down to 30. i'll need to drink more & start back on healthy ..."
Journal Entry - 18 Sep 10
"stuffed myself last night for race today. very tiring, but feeling pretty good. staying busy this weekend."
Journal Entry - 17 Sep 10
"didnt make walk this morning. dont know why. glad friend only showed up 10 min early for walk/mtg. got appt for dietitian. ..."
Journal Entry - 16 Sep 10
"got up ok today. short workout & even shorter tomorrow w/ AMA mtg. i'm starting to worry about my behavior w/ eating. fa ..."
Journal Entry - 15 Sep 10
"no workout today. going to change breakfast habits to see if i can break this plateau. Did take a walk with friends at lunch ..."
Journal Entry - 13 Sep 10
"long day, no workout, barely wanted to get out of bed. but it was a short work day, as i had a chiropractic appt. & i left ..."
Period ended: 12 Sep 10

  Week 11

Journal Entry - 12 Sep 10
"amother fun day of berry picking w/ friend & dogs. bit far, at her boyfriend's mining camp, but a beautiful day! got resume ..."
Journal Entry - 11 Sep 10
"no weigh in today. lazy all morning reading. berry picking all afternoon w/ friends. dogs & i had a great time. now out for ..."
Journal Entry - 10 Sep 10
"no gym, took friend to airport instead. kinda excited about free doc appt this afternoon."
Journal Entry - 09 Sep 10
"tired this morning, slightly shorter workout but felt pretty good at the end."
Journal Entry - 08 Sep 10
"didnt weigh in today, feeling extremely tired today."
Journal Entry - 07 Sep 10
"didnt talk to boss other than to confirm mtg on Thurs. txt'd w/ chris, been feeling down ever since. i so miss him."
Journal Entry - 07 Sep 10
"Monday: didnt get much done, but did haul couch away. lounged around reading all day. now just need to see if replacement ..."
Period ended: 05 Sep 10

  Week 10

Journal Entry - 05 Sep 10
"not a fruitful day of getting chores done. fell asleep on couch, and couldnt get motivated to do anything. more of a self ..."
Journal Entry - 04 Sep 10
"lazy day, lunch w/ friends. but feeling lonely atm. watching movies and hating to be alone, but dont wanna hang w/ the g ..."
Journal Entry - 03 Sep 10
"this 3 lbs is driving me crazy! Texted w/ Chris all afternoon yesterday. was nice, but can be a bit frustrating. Gotta r ..."
Journal Entry - 01 Sep 10
"need to get back on track, doing something in the evening rather than sitting around eating ice cream. hard to concentrate ..."
Journal Entry - 31 Aug 10
"no time to weigh in this morning. couldnt sleep or didnt want to go to bed. Chris dropped Cheyenne off in the evening. It ..."
Journal Entry - 30 Aug 10
"morning starting ok, see what happens at work."
Period ended: 29 Aug 10

  Week 9

Journal Entry - 29 Aug 10
"slacker day today. read all morning, went & visited friend, then went to movies. visit w/ him yesterday went ok, better ..."
Journal Entry - 27 Aug 10
"apparently ice cream helps! i wish; its prolly the flabbies coming from not going to the gym. getting a little easier to ..."
Journal Entry - 26 Aug 10
"having a hard time concentrating. cant see the worth in finishing useless projects, all i can think of is what am i going ..."
Journal Entry - 25 Aug 10
"fell asleep by 9. Went to the gym, then picked up manager from airport. Staff meeting all day...didn't go well. During the ..."
Journal Entry - 23 Aug 10
"Going the wrong way! Portion control!"
Period ended: 22 Aug 10

  Week 8

Mini Challenge - Bank those miles - Failed
Mini Challenge - Lose weight on the runner's diet - Failed
Mini Challenge - Runner's Diet - Failed
Journal Entry - 22 Aug 10
"yesterday: forgot to weigh in. gym in morning. shopped q/ folks & had a relaxing day. dinner for bro-in-law bday, then spent ..."
Journal Entry - 20 Aug 10
"gotta eat better, i'm slipping up again. didnt get to bed early; going through the exhausted feelings again. course, when ..."
Journal Entry - 19 Aug 10
"weighed myself at gym, with gym clothes on. slow, little workout. didnt stick to oatmeal breakfast. Getting nervous, it's ..."
Journal Entry - 19 Aug 10
"no weigh in today. slept thru alarm. yet woke several times during the night."
Journal Entry - 18 Aug 10
"oh so close. been thinking of needing to change up routine, and still better eating habits. Got up earlier this morning, ..."
Journal Entry - 17 Aug 10
"made it to gym. feeling a bit nervous about mtg chris for lunch. day seems to be going by awfully slow, but dont want it ..."
Journal Entry - 16 Aug 10
"tired, but going back to no sleep, couldnt make myself lay down last night. got up wanting to munch or read. need to do ..."
Weigh-in: 152.0 lb This Week:  0.32 %  (Down 0.5 lb)* Total Progress:  0.33 %  (Up 0.5 lb)
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