Challenge Start Date: 20 Jul 11 countess sherry's Start Weight: 230.0 lb
Challenge Duration: 10 weeks countess sherry's Last Weight: 218.5 lb (28 Sep 11)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 28 Sep 11

  Week 10

Mini Challenge - drink water less soda and other sugar foods, have you ever seen the calories in a bottle of soda!!! - Successful
"i dont drink soda"
Mini Challenge - Eat more VEGGIES - Successful
"i decided phycologically it is better for me to add dinner to veggies ...doing well with this ...a lifetime change"
Mini Challenge - Make snacking healthy - Failed
"i dont snack much but when i do im not very good"
Mini Challenge - Portion control and speed - Successful
"using side plate at every evening meal this is permanent ...just for the evening meal"
Journal Entry - 25 Sep 11
"i fit in my birthday t shirt (sparkly purple ) it didnt fit me in july i also fit in my pink/orange check shirt that i c ..."
Journal Entry - 25 Sep 11
"future buffet update have a grilled cheeseburger with extra veggies at lucnhtime ...before evening buffet at buffet ..."
Journal Entry - 23 Sep 11
"actually woke up feeling hungry this has never ever happened before ...i must be eating a litle less than i used to somehow ..."
Journal Entry - 22 Sep 11
"ive got a wedding and an 18th to go to this weekend ...thats 2 huge buffets (which i LOVE ) just wondering how im going to ..."
Weigh-in: 218.5 lb This Week:  0.23%  (Down 0.5 lb) Total Progress:  5.00%  (Down 11.5 lb)
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determined now to swop to an even smaller plate ...using a side plate now for my main evening meal and its not as bad or difficult as i thought it would be going to do it more often 
05 Aug 11 by member: countess sherry
im very happy now with the smaller plates/portions that im doing ...i have done it in stages deliberately buying smaller and smaller plates till i am finally now using a side plate ( as advised by my dietition at the hospital . i hope this helps others to think about doing it in stages i couldnt go straight from a large dinner plate to a small side plate ..i couldnt even think about it  
17 Aug 11 by member: countess sherry
my next step is to start eating a more balanced evening meal ..with veggies and mash start slowly ..once a week 
24 Aug 11 by member: countess sherry
i will be eating off a saucer if my plate goes any smaller ...he he !!!!!! 
05 Sep 11 by member: countess sherry


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