Challenge Start Date: 07 Jan 19 liv001's Start Weight: 185.2 lb
Challenge Duration: 1 weeks liv001's Last Weight: 185.2 lb (14 Jan 19)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 14 Jan 19

  Day 7

Mini Challenge - NET Carbs 30g or less - Successful
Mini Challenge - Drink at least 48oz of water daily - Successful
Mini Challenge - 20g Dietary Fiber Daily - Failed
"But did a flax muffin today so quite a bit of fiber"
Mini Challenge - Get at least 60% of your calories from FAT - Successful
"I am much better with fat than fiber. Flax has a lot of fat as well"
Mini Challenge - Increase your Exercise & Activity - Failed
"Did my run and walk cardio but nothing special"
Mini Challenge - READ the Challenge Posts daily - Successful
Mini Challenge - If you bite it, WRITE IT - Successful
"Thinks so. It is so easy to forget stuff"
Weigh-in: 185.2 lb This Day:  0.00%  (Steady 0 lb) Total Progress:  0.00%  (Steady 0 lb)
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Congratulations, Liv001! Great first day on the Challenge!!! You had under 30g Net Carbs, got in at least 60% Fat, Read the challenge posts, AND wrote down everything you ate! Super progress! As to the 20g Dietary Fiber, that one is a little trickier to get used to. When I started using FatSecret, someone suggested it to me, and it really makes a difference. Fiber goes through your system without being digested (creates bulk), so it gets DEDUCTED from your Carbs to give you NET Carbs. If you like avocados, you can get 1/2 of your total by eating one. (I was out of avocados yesterday, and I struggled.) Also, there are Fiber Supplements available, but be sure to record any carbs or calories they have in them. If you're already exercising, just do ONE MINUTE more, or do it a tiny bit faster, or a little bit harder, and you can ace this mini-challenge, too! Be sure to check out the articles I posted on the Challenge Forum about Low-Intensity and Moderate-Intensity Exercises/Activities. Did you know that READING burns more calories than just resting? You can get credit for lots of things that you probably weren't even aware of! Keep up the great work! I'm only a couple pounds behind you, and I'm very competitive - so watch out, here I come! 
09 Jan 19 by member: Debbie Cousins
Thank you debbie. You rock for taking the time to respond like this. Love the competitiveness as well. I do not use a scale to measure progress. And I have only weighed in once since starting (three months ago) but I may step on one at some point again.  
09 Jan 19 by member: liv001
You're welcome! My pleasure. One of my "Love Languages" is "words of affirmation." That's really the only one I can use here. Hard to give "physical touch" or "acts of service." It's not necessary to weigh to gauge your success! Each person has their own recipe for success. Yours is obviously working for you! 
10 Jan 19 by member: Debbie Cousins
Great Day #3 results, liv! You're killing this! I've never really counted the exercise before, either, but I've found that since I started using my stopwatch to time everything I do, it actually has INCREASED the amount of exercise I do. For instance, I have a tendency to just sit in my recliner studying, responding to Journal posts, etc. Since Studying burns only 182 calories per hour, I am incentivized to get up and do MORE! Yesterday, I did a DIY project (installing the net and pads on our new trampoline) AND today I organized my closet (CLEANING), both of which burn 295 calories per hour! (Those two are even on the "Moderate-Intensity" List, which makes me really proud.) Just a suggestion if you ARE interested in increasing your exercise. My husband is very happy with all the extra things I've been getting done around the house too. Keep up the great work!  
11 Jan 19 by member: Debbie Cousins
Hi, Liv! You almost ACED that Fiber goal! It takes some getting used to when you first start to try to increase it! Probably took me a month before I could consistently get over 20g per cay (though I usually shoot for 25+ per day now). It'll come with practice. Great job on increasing your Daily Activity, too! The other things you just ALWAYS rock, so I'll just say, GREAT JOB!!! 
13 Jan 19 by member: Debbie Cousins


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