Challenge Start Date: 15 Jul 13 pam-u-la's Start Weight: 129.0 lb
Challenge Duration: 2 weeks pam-u-la's Last Weight: 129.0 lb (16 Jul 13)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 29 Jul 13

  Day 14

Journal Entry - 29 Jul 13
"Yesterday the emitional storm I was feeling inside broke. I had energy and felt enlightened. Heck I even got my list of ..."
Period ended: 28 Jul 13

  Day 13

Journal Entry - 28 Jul 13
"The junk I have been putting into my body represents the tension, sadness, anxiety, and anger that I have been feeling. ..."
Period ended: 27 Jul 13

  Day 12

Journal Entry - 27 Jul 13
"Alittle less tension today. Finally went up to the hospital, MIL is improving and I actually got a small smile which li ..."
Period ended: 26 Jul 13

  Day 11

Journal Entry - 26 Jul 13
"Just an update.. My ex-mother-in-law did have a massive stroke, and is very lucky to be alive. Time will tell now exactly ..."
Period ended: 25 Jul 13

  Day 10

Journal Entry - 25 Jul 13
"I thought I should share why my head has been taken out of the game. Tuesday I received a call that my ex mother-in-law had ..."
Period ended: 24 Jul 13

  Day 9

Journal Entry - 24 Jul 13
"Yesterday turned out to be a bad day all around. Started with a phone call of bad news, and proceeded from there. In turn ..."
Period ended: 23 Jul 13

  Day 8

Journal Entry - 23 Jul 13
"It was 10pm last night and I was absolutely starving to the point that I actually felt ill. So what did I do??? Well I ..."
Period ended: 22 Jul 13

  Day 7

Journal Entry - 22 Jul 13
":) take what i can get! "
Journal Entry - 22 Jul 13
"Monday.. Used to be dreaded yet now, not so much! I have not been too disaplined doing my home exercises, but I have done ..."
Period ended: 21 Jul 13

  Day 6

Journal Entry - 21 Jul 13
"I want to thank mother nature for bringing forward some much cooler and enjoyable weather! How to celebrate??? Simple put ..."
Period ended: 20 Jul 13

  Day 5

Journal Entry - 20 Jul 13
"Yesterday was one of my worst day's. The heat must of attacked every fire of my being, it was to the point of being dizzy ..."
Period ended: 19 Jul 13

  Day 4

No result recorded
Period ended: 18 Jul 13

  Day 3

Journal Entry - 18 Jul 13
"Okay problem #1 - suffering badly from the heat no matter how much fluids I bring in. Has started to enter the lithargic ..."
Period ended: 17 Jul 13

  Day 2

Journal Entry - 17 Jul 13
"You know it's hot when this woman exposes skin! That is what happened yesterday, totally threw myself out of my comfort ..."
Period ended: 16 Jul 13

  Day 1

Mini Challenge - Enter "exactly what I ate" in FatSecret food log daily. - Successful
Mini Challenge - Add your food intake everyday. - Successful
Journal Entry - 16 Jul 13
"I did not write yesterday which was weird. But then again it was a weird say. We are in the middle of what I call a heat ..."
Weigh-in: 129.0 lb This Day:  0.00%  (Steady 0 lb) Total Progress:  0.00%  (Steady 0 lb)

  Start Weight

Weigh-in: 129.0 lb


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