BuffyBear's Performance Challenge: 5lb Valentine Flush

Challenge Start Date: 08 Jan 14 BuffyBear's Start Weight: 163.0 lb
Challenge Duration: 5 weeks BuffyBear's Last Weight: -
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 12 Feb 14

  Week 5

Journal Entry - 12 Feb 14
"Did my last weigh in for the Valentines Day Challenge. Since tech issues won't allow me to update Challenge Progress, I ..."
Journal Entry - 11 Feb 14
"Late journal today. After work I had to get kerosine, etc. because now they are predicting freezing rain as well as snow. ..."
Journal Entry - 10 Feb 14
"Cold, damp & dreary weather today - triggered my hunger. I overate out of weakness. Got to get back on track tomorrow! ..."
Journal Entry - 09 Feb 14
"Easter Challenge Weigh In: This morning - no change. However, I did lose a pound Wednesday so I am right on track for the ..."
Journal Entry - 08 Feb 14
"She runs! "
Journal Entry - 08 Feb 14
"I have an update on the Easter Challenge: I believe that gilliansings will be creating an "Official Challenge" for you to ..."
Journal Entry - 07 Feb 14
"Happy Friday! Took a vacation day today. Unfortunately, not for fun (personal business to attend to). But at least I get ..."
Journal Entry - 06 Feb 14
"Today is my planned indulgence day (DH coming home tonight). My splurge will consist of a big bowl of white chicken chili ..."
Period ended: 05 Feb 14

  Week 4

Journal Entry - 05 Feb 14
"Happy Hump Day! Did a weigh in this morning for the Valentines Day Challenge (another pound gone!). Was getting a little ..."
Journal Entry - 04 Feb 14
"Please check to see that I have everybody now! TUESDAY PM Updated List - Easter Challenge: Losing 12 pounds - gilli ..."
Journal Entry - 04 Feb 14
"INFORMAL EASTER CHALLENGE - here are the corrections: Losing 12 pounds - Erwinwarrior83, Mom2Boxers, Tracy, dboza, Joey109, ..."
Journal Entry - 03 Feb 14
"For the informal EASTER CHALLENGE I have: Losing 12 pounds - dboza, Joey109, shellsbells, and myself Overachievers - ..."
Journal Entry - 02 Feb 14
"Happy Ground Hog Day and Happy Superbowl! I feel so much better than yesterday - sorry to have gone all grumpy on you. I ..."
Journal Entry - 01 Feb 14
"Saturday's Journal: Something must be wrong with me because I can't think of anything to write. Maybe it is that dirty k ..."
Journal Entry - 31 Jan 14
"Happy Friday! Had my planned indulgence day yesterday, eating only about 260 calories more than usual, so I feel pretty ..."
Period ended: 29 Jan 14

  Week 3

Journal Entry - 29 Jan 14
"You'd think if you have a couple of good days and a couple of not so good days it will average out. Right? Well, I spent ..."
Journal Entry - 28 Jan 14
"SNOW! We are supposed to get 1-2 inches today - our first of the season! DH called from Georgia and it is already snowing ..."
Journal Entry - 27 Jan 14
"DH was bragging about me to his friend that I use my lunch hour to walk the nature trail on nice days. His friend's reply ..."
Journal Entry - 26 Jan 14
"Had one of these "Lets check out the new Mexican restaurant" events last night. Even though the calorie count was through ..."
Journal Entry - 25 Jan 14
"Another pound down! Only 2 pounds to go to get back to pre-holiday weight. You think I'd be thrilled - but no, there ..."
Journal Entry - 24 Jan 14
"Think I need to plan this better. My Thursday indulgence day (DH comes home from working out of town) was 2,200 calories. ..."
Period ended: 22 Jan 14

  Week 2

Journal Entry - 22 Jan 14
"Weighed in this morning even though I didn't lose (got to keep this honest!). Now I've got to go back and re-read your ..."
Journal Entry - 21 Jan 14
"Late journal today, but have to brag. Day 2 of staying under my RDI. Still doing 16:8, but almost didn't make it today. ..."
Journal Entry - 20 Jan 14
"Have been reading with great interest all the experiments you are doing (fasting, indulgence, etc.). Since my scale has ..."
Journal Entry - 19 Jan 14
"Guess what DH brought home yesterday? A tractor! No, not a little lawn tractor but a 1965 John Deer 1010RU. It is in the ..."
Journal Entry - 18 Jan 14
"Having a typical lazy Saturday - so different than the Monday - Friday rush. People must get used to stopping by and fi ..."
Journal Entry - 17 Jan 14
"TGIF! Stayed late at work and finished up a project last night - feels good to have that off my plate. As for diet - ..."
Journal Entry - 16 Jan 14
"It is Thursday and DH comes home around 8 tonight! Of course I'll eat dinner with him, which means a break from the 16:8. ..."
Period ended: 15 Jan 14

  Week 1

Journal Entry - 15 Jan 14
"Thought I should tell you that FS sent me a very nice e-mail apologizing for my technical difficulties and telling me that ..."
Journal Entry - 14 Jan 14
"Today I will focus on eating more vegetables. Goal = 10 servings/day. But the crazy part is that the serving size varies ..."
Journal Entry - 13 Jan 14
"Update - my legs remembered how to do a 40 minute speed walk, although I must admit that last hill was challenging. But ..."
Journal Entry - 13 Jan 14
"Sometimes I like Mondays! After a weekend of too much food totally off schedule it seems nice to get back to plan. And ..."
Journal Entry - 11 Jan 14
"What strange weather we are having! Woke up this morning to a violent thunderstorm - this coming 4 days after our record ..."
Journal Entry - 10 Jan 14
"How many of us cannot update our Challenge Progress due to technical errors? I am going to e-mail the tech department again ..."
Journal Entry - 09 Jan 14
"This should be the last of our cold mornings. I did not move to North Carolina to Freeze to death. Off to work - will ..."

  Start Weight

Weigh-in: 163.0 lb


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