CheshireKat's Performance Challenge: Jump Challenge

Challenge Start Date: 27 Dec 13 CheshireKat's Start Weight: 190.0 lb
Challenge Duration: 1 weeks CheshireKat's Last Weight: 190.0 lb (28 Dec 13)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 03 Jan 14

  Day 7

Journal Entry - 03 Jan 14
"Okay, running was debunked by the territorial peacock again. My dog barked at it for 5 minutes as the peacock kept coming ..."
Journal Entry - 03 Jan 14
"It's cold but it's not raining which means running! :) I get to test out my New Nike Dual Fusions."
Period ended: 02 Jan 14

  Day 6

Journal Entry - 02 Jan 14
"Did some shadow boxing today and it was actually a really fun workout, I think I'll stick to it. I've always wanted to do ..."
Journal Entry - 02 Jan 14
"How cruel is it that my new running sneakers came in today...and it's raining."
Period ended: 01 Jan 14

  Day 5

Journal Entry - 01 Jan 14
"Happy New Years to all!Today marks the first day of the first few weeks where I will write the incorrect year while putting ..."
Period ended: 31 Dec 13

  Day 4

Journal Entry - 31 Dec 13
"So I went running with my pup today and good grief, there were people everywhere. Normally, the route I take there is no ..."
Period ended: 30 Dec 13

  Day 3

Journal Entry - 30 Dec 13
"I was reminded tonight of why I hate Walmart with a fiery burning passion. Also, if it isn't hard enough to maintain a nice ..."
Journal Entry - 30 Dec 13
"No running today, I'm going shopping all day with my grandparents, so by the time we get back it'll be dark and I'm not ..."
Period ended: 29 Dec 13

  Day 2

Journal Entry - 29 Dec 13
"Well, running was a total bust yesterday due to the cold, my throat burned so bad, I placed a scarf around my mouth, but ..."
Period ended: 28 Dec 13

  Day 1

Mini Challenge - Do at least 1000 jumps a day - Successful
"mixed it up with 500 jumping jacks and the rest with the jump rope."
Journal Entry - 28 Dec 13
"Definitely over ate with the homemade spaghetti tonight. But I'm not even sorry it was my grandpa's homemade spaghetti and ..."
Journal Entry - 28 Dec 13
"Well, I am sore today from my weight training yesterday. It's also pretty cold outside so I really don't want to go outside ..."
Weigh-in: 190.0 lb This Day:  0.00%  (Steady 0 lb) Total Progress:  0.00%  (Steady 0 lb)

  Start Weight

Weigh-in: 190.0 lb


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