Challenge Start Date: 10 Jan 14 debi334's Start Weight: 178.0 lb
Challenge Duration: 5 weeks debi334's Last Weight: 177.0 lb (10 Feb 14)
Current Period: Challenge Completed
Period ended: 14 Feb 14

  Week 5

Journal Entry - 11 Feb 14
"I don't like putting in my journal all the carbs. that I've eaten today. But when that is all you have and that's what you ..."
Journal Entry - 11 Feb 14
"I usually don't have sugar in my coffee but ,I'm out of Splenda. I can't believe the cals. and carbs. in the creamer! guess ..."
Journal Entry - 10 Feb 14
"Wooooo Hoooooo! My weight is lower tonight than it was this morning! Me the always fat girl now weighs 177! I knew something ..."
Weigh-in: 177.0 lb This Week:  2.21%  (Down 4.0 lb) Total Progress:  0.56%  (Down 1.0 lb)
Period ended: 07 Feb 14

  Week 4

Weigh-in: 181.0 lb This Week:  0.55%  (Down 1.0 lb) Total Progress:  1.69%  (Up 3.0 lb)
Period ended: 31 Jan 14

  Week 3

Weigh-in: 182.0 lb This Week:  2.67%  (Down 5.0 lb) Total Progress:  2.25%  (Up 4.0 lb)
Period ended: 24 Jan 14

  Week 2

Journal Entry - 18 Jan 14
"I going to have to start recording everything I put in my mouth. I usually don't breakfast but I had no idea what I did eat ..."
Journal Entry - 18 Jan 14
"Well I'm just about too damn ashamed to post this on here. I have been exercising to HipHopAbs and I don't know if that is ..."
Weigh-in: 187.0 lb This Week:  3.89%  (Up 7.0 lb) Total Progress:  5.06%  (Up 9.0 lb)
Period ended: 17 Jan 14

  Week 1

Journal Entry - 15 Jan 14
"I may have gained a few pounds but I won't stay there for long! I am already back down a few! I appreciate the support my ..."
Journal Entry - 14 Jan 14
"I have not been doing well lately, after doing so so good prior. I have gained weight!I do this every time I get to doing ..."
Journal Entry - 12 Jan 14
"Hey my Buddies, Are you with me? I am going to start my HipHopAbs tomorrow sometime. I've got a busy day so I will have ..."
Weigh-in: 180.0 lb This Week:  1.12%  (Up 2.0 lb) Total Progress:  1.12%  (Up 2.0 lb)

  Start Weight

Weigh-in: 178.0 lb


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