"Always working need to loose!"

Posted 12 Apr 11 by kkelly5813
Hi guys! I really need your support I have to loose 35-50 lbs for my health..Very high blood pressure and getting fatter, depressed and just un-happy with ME! Let's encourage each other please.. 
12 Apr 11 by member: kkelly5813
Hey Kelly, that is the reason I got motivated too... my dr. also said the word "Diabetes" at my last 3 BP checkups... I'm currently "pre-diabetic" and it's due to my weight. Good for you that you are doing it now. My BP started going up when I had 40ish lbs to lose and I ignored it... went on meds instead of losing weight. Now I have 75-80 lbs to lose... but I am finally seeing progress. did you pick a diet?  
12 Apr 11 by member: fmartin
Hey Kelly. I was hit heavy with news of RA in my late 30's. Doc says to get the weight off and it will ease the symptoms. Makes it sound so easy, you know. Spend several years trying and just getting more frustrated and depressed. Started going to a medical weight loss program about 4 weeks ago. Basically on a 1200 calorie/ 80 grams of carbs a day and light exericise when I am able. Making progress, but have a total of 85 lbs to lose. Have you picked a program to follow yet? 
21 Jun 12 by member: Shell020702


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