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Posted 27 May 18 by beverlymedland
I am 69...going to be 70 in August! This is a recent pic I took after losing 50 lbs by way of low carb and moving to Keto diet at my doctor's suggestion. I have been stalled for several months. I am awaiting a full hip replacement and have been experiencing a lot of pain, requiring me to take lots of meds, not being able to walk around stores but I have a pool which I use anytime I can. I track using this app and I must admit that I am not keeping my carbs as low as suggested but I do eat very healthy. I was shocked to find out that each packet of stevia has 2 grams of carbs! I am pleased to report that when I started this path, I had been diagnosed with fatty liver disease and I had been diabetic for 20 years but had been able to control it with diet and exercise. The pain I started suffering from in my hips and shoulder changed that profile. I had to go on insulin, Metformin and Januvia. I went up to 45 units of insulin but now I take nothing except 1 metformin and 1/2 Januvia. My blood work is amazingly good and my ultrasounds no longer show fatty liver. I am insulin resistant and I do my best to be patient and celebrate every small success as I am doing this to save my life and improve my quality of life. Both my partner and I love to cook and as he has celiac diseaase, he's happy to follow this program except he still uses sugar in his coffee and drinks some rum or vodka but his weight is coming down as well. 
27 May 18 by member: beverlymedland
Sounds like you've totally got this! Congrats on your 50lb loss, that is fantastic! Trying to live healthy while in pain (and unable to exercise) is rough, I hope your replacement aids in your mobility. And maybe try to do some upper body workouts from a sitting position? Might improve your upper body strength, and any movement, even from a seated position, is still movement and still burns calories. Best wishes! 
06 Mar 19 by member: Char Gets Thin


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