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Posted 05 Apr 11 by ke0luv
You hate THIS body? I think that you look amazing! Flat abs and skinny thighs = sexy. Just sayin'. 
16 May 11 by member: GilmoreGirl
...looks fine to me...i guess that depends on your definition of "unbalanced" 
22 May 11 by member: godinar
i know most females have body issues, but you should definitely be less self conscious. pear shapes are very common, and often more attractive than being a total stick figure. you obviously have cute curves and rock a bikini well (my own personal goal). 
06 Jun 11 by member: alwayssunnyalanah
You're crazy. 
11 Jun 11 by member: milicent84
if you want to balance out your shape, you can try resistance training to build the body you want.  
22 Jun 11 by member: purplkaret
30 Jul 11 by member: lozenge_happy
I would LOVE to have your body! 
11 Aug 11 by member: TiniBikini
Looks like someone is fishing for compliments... 
16 Aug 13 by member: AmbulanceGirl


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