Posted 03 Mar 14 by idajo2
BEFORE was taken on January 14, 2013 - the night before I underwent Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery. I weighed 288 pounds. The AFTER photo was taken on December 23, 2014 - 142.6 pounds. I was, at that point, 6 ounces from my *original* goal; since then (and with my medical team's okie-dokie) I've reset my final goal weight to 132 pounds - I'm 5'1" with a small frame. I'm getting close to goal and I'm excited about that . . ALTHOUGH, I know that "reaching" my goal is NOT the end of my journey. After fifty+ years of yo-yo dieting, I've finally come to understand that - for some of us - weight loss and MAINTAINING weight loss is a LIFELONG process. My plan is to attain the goal and make it my last weight-LOSS goal! 
03 Mar 14 by member: idajo2
I just want to get to surgery. I need the accountability and boundary medical intervention brings. Still have 60 days left on insurance required look and probably feel great. Thanks for the pic. Xoxo 
14 Mar 14 by member: Sadiekitty
Hi Idajo, You are AWESOME gal! You look so great, & so different in your "after" pic! I hope I can post such neat pics on here in a year or so. I need to lose weight badly, but don't want surgery as I'm so afraid I won't be able to stick to the diet well enough & will mess my body up even worse than it is. Also, I have a tissue-weakening genetic disorder that may cause a gastric bypass to go bad, even if I do everything right. I weigh about 273 lbs right now, & badly need a hip replacement, but Dr says I have to lose 25 lbs before he will do the surgery. My hubby is diabetic & also overweight, so we count both carbs & calories in our food program. You are so right that weight loss & maintenance is a permanent, life long process. It is such a blessing to me to know that I will still have my FS pals even after I've reached my weight loss goal, so I can continue to both give & receive the support & help I need to stay in control & motivated. Best wishes on reaching your weight loss goal, if you haven't already, & in your continued journey of health & happiness. Blessings, Glammer (in SW OREGON) 
17 Mar 14 by member: GLAMMER
Thanks for the positive comments; they're much appreciated! My journey continues and it IS a journey. The most important lesson I've learned from my weight-loss surgery has been one I'll carry with me for the rest of my days! I'm a member of a large Weight Loss Surgery Support Group (sponsored by my medical plan - Group Health) and we have quite a few members who are 10+ years out from their surgeries . . what I've learned from those folks is that the process never ends and that it is NOT a magic bullet. So many folks truly believe that - once they have lost a large amount of weight (via surgery or otherwise) - it won't be regained. My doctors and my WLS support folks have stressed - over and over again - that my Roux-en-Y surgery is simply a TOOL - nothing more, nothing less. The surgery has given me time (and the opportunity) to (attempt to!) relearn responsible eating habits. My hope is that I *have* learned and will be able to maintain the weight loss as time passes. I'd be less than honest if I didn't admit that it's downright scary! My appetite has returned - food looks and smells good again AND all of the old demons are rearing their ugly heads! As a result, I've decided to follow in Michelle Vicari's footsteps (she writes a GREAT WLS blog called "The World According to Eggface"). Michelle has made the decision to never return to eating "THE WHITES" . . white bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, etc. Those foods have always been triggers for me and I don't want to go there! I know I can do this . . I KNOW I CAN. It's not going to be easy . . it's not going to be fun . . BUT, the decision is one I don't see as a choice. I've lost AND REGAINED (literally) hundreds of pounds over past 45 years . . I weighed 288 pounds the night before my surgery . . . that tells a story I don't want to repeat. Sadiekitty, I wish you the very best of luck with your surgery. I DO feel much better - physically, emotionally and medically - and I'm looking forward to getting my "mind right" as I continue to move forward with my health improvement program! GLAMMER, thank you for the kind words! I'm rooting for you and for your weight loss goals! I have faith in you . . YOU CAN DO IT (without surgery!). I'm definitely in your corner and will be rooting you on! I am looking at mitral valve replacement surgery (down the road) and knee replacement . . both knees - but one at a time! I know I've rambled on . . I do that a lot! :) But, when we share thoughts, feelings and goals . . I think it strengthens our goal-setting skills and our decisions to make a positive difference in our own lives! Thanks for "listening" ladies!! Best regards, Jo (idajo2) Port Angeles, WA 
27 Mar 14 by member: idajo2
Congratulations. I know it was a long, hard journey, but you're there. You look wonderful. All my best to you. 
16 Jun 14 by member: authorwriter
authorwriter, THANK YOU, so much for the encouraging comments and for the best wishes! The process continues - as it will for the rest of my days - and I am working on taking each and every day as it comes!! I'm sending lots of positive thoughts your way - my, oh my . . what a journey we're undertaking!! ;)  
16 Jun 14 by member: idajo2


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