Creating Your Group

Groups are a great place for members with common interests to connect with each other or for those seeking to find others living around the corner or around the world.

To try and avoid a bunch of groups being created that largely cover the same thing, a good place to start is to check whether a similar group to the one that you're proposing has already been set up. This way, instead of creating a duplicate, you can just join the existing group.

It will only take a couple of minutes to create your group and then as the owner you'll be able to recruit new members and manage the group. You might want to take a look at the Group Creation Guidelines before you get started for some helpful tips.

If you'd prefer to create a Challenge which runs for a fixed period of time rather than a Group which lasts forever, please click here.

What sort of group would you like to create?


Friends of Julie
The Jones Family
A private group is a good place to connect with other members in private. As a private group is not listed in the groups directory and people can't search for it, you'll need to let others know about the group if you would like them to join. Private groups are often used by people who want to set up a special group just for their friends, family or co-workers without others knowing about it or any of the information being made public.

Common Interest

30 Somethings
50 lbs to Lose
Thyroid Community
Emotional Eaters
Connect with other members that you share something in common with for support and advice. Find people who are looking to lose a similar amount of weight, are the same age, do similar exercise or have a common medical condition. The list is truly endless. Create your group in the most appropriate common interest category so other members will be able to find it easily.
Additional properties for Common Interest Groups (ignore for private groups):

1. Age:

Any |<20 |20-29 |30-39 |40-49 |50-59 |>60

2. Weight Loss Goal:

Looking to lose:

3. Gender:

Everyone | Women Only | Men Only

4. Location:

Complete as much of the details as you wish below to describe where your group is located:
State / Province:   (US/Canada only. Optional.)
Zip Code:   (US only. Optional.)

5. Category:

Nominate one or more applicable categories:
Dieting Fitness & Exercise Food & Nutrition
Medical Conditions Lifestyle & Culture Families
Companies & Careers Just for Fun Other

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