To challenge or not to challenge:

As you consider whether you'd like to create and run a challenge our suggestion is to take a look at some of the challenges that are yet to start and see if their description and goals align with what you’re trying to achieve. If they do, then why not just join one of the challenges that are about to get started and it's a good way to learn about what makes a great challenge.

If you can't find any challenges that you'd like to participate in that are about to start, then go right ahead and start a new challenge! Have a think about what you'd like the goal of the challenge to be and it's probably likely there are others who also would benefit from achieving the same goals and participating in your challenge. Then recruit away and make it a great and rewarding experience for all Participants.

There’s also the FatSecret Challenge Administrators Discussion Group, where you can talk to lots of other Challenge owners and Administrators to share ideas about the best ways to run a challenge and help each other.

Challenge setup choices:

Before you create a challenge please be aware that certain parts of the challenge cannot be changed once it is created so please consider the following settings:
  1. Public or Invitation Only – a Public challenge is open to all members to join in and shows up in the challenge directory, while an Invitation Only challenge is a good way to connect with members in private but you’ll need to let them know about the challenge through an invitation as it is not listed in the directory and will not appear in search results.
  2. Name – once chosen, the name of your challenge cannot be changed.
  3. Duration – the number of days or weeks the challenge will run.
  4. Progress – how frequently Participants need to record their progress (weigh ins and mini-challenge results, if any) which can be daily, weekly etc.
  5. Start Date – when the challenge remains open for joining (members are unable to join a challenge that has commenced) which will be highlighted by a countdown clock. Be sure to leave enough time to recruit (existing members and new FatSecret members) to the challenge.
  6. Individuals or Teams – whether the challenge is open to individual members or whether teams (up to 4) are created.
  7. Mini-Challenges – these can be added at the time the challenge is created or during the challenge (and can be deleted). At the time of reporting their progress, Participants will be asked whether they have met the goals of the Mini-Challenge.

Getting your Challenge started:

Once your challenge is created and your ready to get it underway, here are some helpful hints to guide you in your role as an Owner/Administrator of a challenge to make it a great experience for you and the Participants.

To get started, there's a few things you might want to do:
  1. Make sure the short and long descriptions of your challenge really give potential Participants a good sense of what the challenge is about, its goals and the atmosphere you're trying to create.
  2. If you would like to create mini-Challenges for different reporting periods you can set these up.
  3. Check your challenge settings are correct. On every page of your challenge you will see the "Administrators Toolbox" where you can edit the challenge's general and privacy settings and have all the tools to manage and run the challenge, including creating mini-Challenges and moving Participants between teams.
  4. Start a new topic and make an initial post to the challenge forum welcoming the Participants. You can add it as regular post or an Announcement, which will show up at the top of your challenge's forum until deleted. You may also want to ask Participants to post a "before" photo in the challenge images.
  5. Recruit Participants for your challenge – depending on the nature of your challenge invite your FatSecret buddies or new people who are not yet on FatSecret. Reach out to people who you think would benefit from the challenge and create an environment that encourages Participants to achieve the goals of the challenge.
  6. If your challenge has Teams, you can allocate Participants to each of the teams and then announce the final teams in the forums.

Start Your Own Challenge

If you can't find a challenge that you're interested in or would like to start your own challenge...

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