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  Thyroid Challengers
This group is for those who are trying to lose extra pounds while taking thyroid replacement meds.
  Cushing's and the Tyroid Family
For those with Cushing's syndrome, Thyroid disorders, or any other medical conditions that make loosing weight difficult.
  Healthy Hypothyroid Hits
People to write in with success stories of losing weight with hypothyroidism.
  Know the Nutritional Facts
This group is geared to anyone needing to limit fats and sugars and increase proteins.
  esselstyn vegan group to lower weight/cholesterol
get cholesterol to 150, vegan diet for health...follow Mcdougall or Esselstyn guidelines only
  Better India
All Can join in the group and share your health tips
  Diabetic and Healthy
For anyone who has diabetes and is working on losing or maintaining a healthy weight.
  Starting Anew
Diabetics who need/want to lose weight in a healthy way, share recipes, ideas, be supportive to each other.
  Diabetic Group
Help and encourage people with Diabetes
People 50 and over lose 100lbs with diabetes
  Diabetics Who Want to Get Moving!
Diabetics who need to lose a lot of weight and need to get moving
  Low Sodium and Diabetes
Low sodium concerns/diet for a diabetic and other similar medical situations - one of more medical diagnosis.
A group to get metabolism information. Share your knowledge. Learn healthy habits. (From the Metabolism Booster Challenge)
  oregon people
let's support each other thru winter and beyond!
  Battling Menopause while Dieting
Battling hormones, mood swings, insomnia, migraines, water bloat, and loss of libido isn't easy!
  Carb Nite Solution Group
Looking for others currently on this diet and hoping to share experiences, support and ideas.
  LEV GONCHAROV diet team
Lev Goncharov team weight watchers
  working women trying to fit it all in
In your 40s? Trying to make time for work, family and still take care of yourself? Lets work together to fit it all in.
  AB group
Anorexia and bulimia
  Diabetic community
How sharing our success and failures in our everyday diet can help all of be more successfull in controlling our diabetes.
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