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  Battling Menopause while Dieting
Battling hormones, mood swings, insomnia, migraines, water bloat, and loss of libido isn't easy!
  Carb Nite Solution Group
Looking for others currently on this diet and hoping to share experiences, support and ideas.
  LEV GONCHAROV diet team
Lev Goncharov team weight watchers
  working women trying to fit it all in
In your 40s? Trying to make time for work, family and still take care of yourself? Lets work together to fit it all in.
  AB group
Anorexia and bulimia
  Diabetic community
How sharing our success and failures in our everyday diet can help all of be more successfull in controlling our diabetes.
  Real hCG Support
We Know It Works No Matter What You Haters Say
  Estonian Losers
Group for People from Estonia , Grupp kõigile Eestlastele.
  No Limit Primetime Seniors
Group for over 55 who desire to be leaner and more active. Support and no judgement with a positive attitude towards change.
  Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Diet Style
tips, recipes,ideas following plant based diet. based on the principals of nutritarian, vegetarian, and vegan ways of eating
  40 + for kiwis
40s and over men and woman group to support each other on weight loss, getting fit and healthy
  Members in Greece
This group is for anyone who lives in Greece or who has lived in Greece or who is a friend of Greece.
  Tips and Support for a 1200 Calorie/Day Diet
This group will add tips and support to help 1200 calorie a day dieters.
  Pregnant Women not Going Overboard
Be wise in your weight gain during pregnancy!
coming soon
  50+ Quest of Happy Health & Fitness
Feeling stuck fat & slow is not happy. Be happy and feel good physically inside and outwardly. One goal, one focus: You
  Herbalife: Eat Healthy & Save Money!
Herbalife is easy, fast, delicious, inexpensive and most of all, nutritous!
  Over 65 - more challenging
Have arthritis or other health problems, needs support in losing lbs. & getting back into shape.
  Romanians lose weight
Un grup pentru toti romanii care vreau sa slabeasca
  Irish Weight Losers Supporters
Just would love chat online with other Irish people on site for advice & support
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