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I've never been more successful with Atkins or LCHF diets than I am now and I am convinced that the secret is rewarding myself with a 'cheat-weekend' after every 10 pounds of weight loss. During this weekend, I eat whatever I want in whatever quantities I desire without reservation or guilt. It's a reward for a job well done. The following Monday, I resume my diet. It takes me about a week to get back to where I was before my "cheat-weekend" so I don't weigh myself for that week. Advantage is that during my diet I know I'm not giving up pizza forEVER, just for the next 10 pounds. Further as I am losing about 10 pounds a month or so I have a distinct time frame in mind. Also in birthday/holiday months I can choose to 'bank' my cheat-weekends for use later so I can enjoy cake etc with the family.
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