momma6224's Journal, 25 February 2018

Did an overnight “sleep study” last night. Didn’t sleep much at all haha! How does anyone sleep with all those wires and belts attached to them?! They said I might have to redo the test because I slept so little 🤦🏼‍♀️ but the sleep I did get didn’t show any oxygen dips. Just so tired of being tired all the time. Blood work is all great so no obvious issues there. I thought eating better and exercising would help more than it has. Any advice or insight??
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I don't like to hear that Sweetie, I don't think it's anything serious. I wouldnt be able to sleep under those conditions either. How about your protein levels What about the big M have you had your hormones tested recently? I'll keep looking what does nurse Maxi say about this?❤️ 
25 Feb 18 by member: 8Patty
l took that sleep test and sleep like a baby they had to wake me up to put this c_pac mask on me cause l have a history of not breathing for a minute or to.l have a machine here at the house and l wake up fresh with lots of energy because of the full amount's of oxygen l receive to my lungs.Take the test again and stop goofing around and let them monitor your sleeping and breathing habits.let's get that skip back in your step momma.😁 
25 Feb 18 by member: murphthesurf
Thanks murph and Patty! I have been tired for as long as I can remember...even as a teenager/young adult I always wanted to nap even though I’d sleep through the night. Then having kids took it to another level. I stopped sleeping through the night 18 years ago and rarely have since. Every year I ask the dr why and they never have any answers just test blood and say all looks good. It’s frustrating. I thought sleep apnea would be my answer and a cpap would cure my tiredness once and for all! guess I need to retake the test but I don’t ever sleep well and having all those uncomfortable wires and belts around me made it even worse! What to do what to do... 
25 Feb 18 by member: momma6224
Wish I had the answer, completely stumped 😢 
25 Feb 18 by member: 8Patty
I'm so sorry to hear you have to struggle with sleep problems. It can make everything in life more difficult not to feel rested! My sleep studies were all done in a "lab" and it is a horrible way to try to sleep. Many places offer sleep studies done at home now. I don't know if that is how you did yours. They place the wires and monitor you remotely after you go home. Unfortunately, there isn't a magic answer for sleeping. I wish there was. There are a lot of suggestions, but I'm sure you have tried them all over the years. Stick with it! There is an answer out there...whether it is thyroid level, hormone level, the need to wear ear plugs or a sleep mask, no electronics after dinner, taking an antihistimine (like Benedryl), melatonin, seratonin. Hang in there! Do the sleep study over. If you have to stay awake for three days prior to it to be able to actually sleep, then that might be what you have to do. :( Praying you find an answer and start feeling better! 
25 Feb 18 by member: Tachatna
My husband is normal weight and doesn't snore but was loosing focus so he had it. Same story, he slept & they had to wake him bc of shallow breathing. He developed a fib and carioversion brought him back to normal rythm but neurologist wants to put him on oxygen at night. Waiting for installation. 
25 Feb 18 by member: tess taylorbunnag
May not be the proper way to do things, but worth a try... Get a used CPAP machine and use it. What could it hurt. 
25 Feb 18 by member: PNWkayak
Have you tried the supplement of melatonine? 
25 Feb 18 by member: 20-to-loose
Has your doctor checked for other, non typical blood levels? Vitamins, minerals etc? I’d certainly try the sleep test again. I have problems sleeping as well. For years, it didn’t matter what I tried, I could only sleep 4 hours then boom..wide awake. Never found an answer. It’s horrible going through life exhausted. Keep searching. Push your doctors and maybe even try other doctors/specialists! There has to be an answer. 
25 Feb 18 by member: ClarityAnn
what I can offer from his experience is it could be an occult heart situation. He has always had normal BP & HR if on lower side. since this is the major indicator of heart disease we thought he was amazingly healthy and never even saw a doctor (we're in medical field) until very recently. he's had night leg cramps foe decades, saw my internist with no help. when he seemed spacy i wanted him to see a neurologist for Altzheimer tests as his sis has. That was negative but needed CPAP. Cramps improved. he was happy with it until he had the a fib episode. long story short apparently he's had a long decline in heart and kidney health. mainly valvular disease. don't know if it could have been diagnosed earlier. every test he had were normal so he gave up with the leg cramps until CPAP. HOPE THIS HELPS. 
25 Feb 18 by member: tess taylorbunnag
Yes he was vitamin D deficit i,guess bc lactose intolerant so avoids milk. normal levels now have improved/resolved night leg cramps. 
25 Feb 18 by member: tess taylorbunnag
Thanks everyone for the advice/help. I have had many different blood tests over the years...Vit D was always a little low but that has been in normal range the last couple of times tested. I take 5000iUs a day in the winter. I will go back to my dr and see what he recommends. I will also try melatonin and see if that helps at all. The test was done in a “lab” setting but it was nicely set up just not comfortable with all the wires. I also have to get up to urinate 2-3 times a night which made me nervous during the test. @Tess: how did they finally find your husbands heart and kidney problems? What did they test? You’ve made me nervous haha 
25 Feb 18 by member: momma6224
Well sweetie there can be so many issues here and my first suggestion is to get a notebook just for this fatigue of yours.. I would write all intake and output of our body..hours you do sleep...hours you you feel during hours awake how long has this been going on...chart... chart and more charting on never ever hurts to get a second ...and third opinion... talk to coworkers, friends in your area see if anyone has similar to your situation ...may have to find a specialist to get true results...I would like you to wright as much as possible on how you feel daily ...exhaustion levels 1-10 ...10 being completely wiped out and what your intake is exactly..this will assist you when you do seek out assistance...keep this notebook with you.....find out also complete medical history from your family if your able...have you had a stress test... you may need to get one... fatigue can be an early symptom to underlining heart problems... I'm not trying to freak you out... and I haven't a clue on whats going on but we need to figure this out... if you have to meet a new doctor every month...there is an answer..but only the squeakiest wheel gets the oil...time to make some noise sister..time to insist this isn't right the way you you tons my friend 
25 Feb 18 by member: maxie4
Thanks maxie I’ll do that! 
25 Feb 18 by member: momma6224
I am a fairly anxious person...I think anxiety plays into this a lot for me. Some of your responses have spiked that anxiety haha! I won’t take anxiety/depression meds—I have before for postpartum depression and they are awful. luckily I don’t have to take any meds right now and don’t want to start if I can help it. I need to find a way to naturally control my worrying and tweak a few other things—limit water intake before bedtime for one. 
25 Feb 18 by member: momma6224
Yes sweetie a huge role in getting some zzzzzs that is correct I'm not a huge medication person myself...hubby will said take something honey if you don't feel well and I will say that Im going to see if it will pass..Last thing I want is to create any type of anxiety in you sweetie...sorry my friend:{ 
25 Feb 18 by member: maxie4
No maxie!! You didn’t! It is good to hear others thoughts and suggestions. They are all good ideas I need to consider and discuss with my dr. I’d hate to miss something serious. I’m also going to try a few things I’m thinking might make a difference like I mentioned. If I nap during the day it definitely makes my sleep worse at night so I need to try to avoid that and the drinking water too close to bedtime...I’ve always had an active bladder😁 it runs in my family. My brain is thinking and I’m going to get this resolved haha! Thanks everyone 
25 Feb 18 by member: momma6224
Okay just don't want a dear person to me feeling even worse..but sounds like its been a long time thing...yep sweetie no nappies if you can help it lol;)xoxoxo 
25 Feb 18 by member: maxie4
I've done the sleeping pill routine. works for awhile but makes worse over time. there is such a thing as sleep hygiene that you could check out also.  
25 Feb 18 by member: tess taylorbunnag 
25 Feb 18 by member: tess taylorbunnag


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