kingkeld's Journal, 23 April 2012

I'm down another pound today, not bad.

The weekend went well, though I did go 100 calories over my RDI yesterday. No biggie, I am well below - probably TOO far, actually - my calorie intake.

This maintenance thing is still puzzling me somewhat. I know what I need to do, I need to consume the calories that I burn. However, when I get even remotely close, I seem to gain weight. Not good.

So, I need to experiment more to find the "sweet spot". Or should that be "the healthy spot"? :)

This week - until Saturday morning - my goal is to be at around 1800 calories. Not too far under. I want to lose another two kgs or so, just be be under 77 kgs.

My exercise goal is to have the fatsecret counter say 3000+ calories burned per day. I try to count everything as accuarate as possible, and I know that some people (occiasionally myself too) believe that the exercise counter is a little too generous on calories burned.

However, it's a goal to set for me, nothing else. I know that if I set out to burn 3000 a day, then I don't stay still and lazy too much. It keeps me going.

This weekend was super quiet and event-less. This means more sitting still, and that means that I had to be extra focused on getting on the bike to burn calories. I did so, both days. More than one hour per day. Not bad at all.

However, I can tell that my legs are aching today. They're tired. I did 30 minutes on the bike this morning - I had to or I wouldn't reach my 3000 calorie goal. It might even be hard to do anyways, if I don't get to stand up for the time I'm assuming I will be at work.

I stand up as much as I can. First of all, it burns calories compared to sitting down. Second of all, it feels like I can better concentrate and feel more comfortable standing up. My back doesn't ache as it does when I sit at my desk all day. So standing up is a great option for me. I like it.

The only time I really sit down is when I do interviews. Most people aren't comfortable standing up at things like these, so we sit down. Maybe I should consider suggesting to them that we stand up? Also, this cuts talk time shorter, as most people don't just lean back, get comfortable and chatty. Hmmm... I gotta experiment a little with that. :)

...and of course, I usually sit down at meetings and at lunch. Meetings are sometimes done standing up, though. I'll just go stand in the back if my back is tired, if they have bad chairs or there is another issue of some kind.

So, this weekend we had a LOT of great food. I know some of you saw the photos in my journal yesterday. I have to point out that there weren't MY food, they were simply examples for those who didn't know what kind of foods I was talking about. Rest assured, though, that mine didn't look much different. :)

I even had some wiggle room yesterday to put in some chocolates and a brownie-in-a-mug thingy that I found the recipe for in the forums. It's pretty simple, and I'll be happy to share:

1 egg
1 tbs sweetener (or sugar)
2 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder
1 pinch of baking powder

Mix thoroughly, put in a mug, microwave one minute. Done. Enjoy.

It's very simple, and tastes okay. Sure, it's not like Wife's cakes, but at 125 calories and two minute preparation time, I think I can't complain. It's good to kill that "here and now" urge for goodies.

Maybe it's an okay way to kick in a few extra calories, and proteins, if I'm running a little low too? I don't see this one as being horribly bad for you.

I'm still in doubt how to up my calories to maintain weight instead of the whole gaining/losing battle. It seems that I gain A LOT when I go higher in calories, and that I lose fast when I go lower.

I think the solution is to consume more calories, but not waste them on bad things like bad snacks. However, this is hard for me, it seems. I eat meals at a reasonable size, and I'm perfectly happy with them. I don't feel that I need to make them bigger in neither portions or calorie count. So the immediate solution will be snacks. And the snacks that I usually end up with are the bad ones. Chocolate. Candies. The question is, of course, how much a difference do these make at the end of the day compared to say an extra slice of cheese here and there, another serving of rice, an extra chicken breast?

The general philosophy that I've gone by when I have been losing weight is to simply eat less than I burn. I haven't really looked much at WHAT I eat. So will it make a difference WHAT I eat to maintain or gain weight? I'm sure it does. However, it'd be nice if I can simply find that balance, where I can eat normally, snack normally and maintain.

Now, that I have my focus back - because I gained weight and had to drop it again (and still am dropping it - two more kgs to go - it's a lot easier to not snack. When I snacked yesterday, it was controlled. I had no trouble doing this. The chocolates I ate were measured out early in the day and lasted for hours. I'm pretty proud of that. I hope I can do that every time - or even just have half and put the rest away. I'd like to one day be able to put on a jacket and find half a chocolate bar that I forgot in there! LOL! That has NEVER happened! :)

I guess I'll simply keep experimenting, and keep a keen eye on the weight. It's pretty simple for me to knock down the weight again once I gain, but it'd be so much nicer to simply not gain. This is - of course - the ultimate goal.

Plan of attack is 1800 calories this week. Get under 77 kgs. I think I can do this by Saturday. Then maybe no Indulgence Day, but simply allow myself to relax a little on Saturday. I'm thinking maybe 2500 calories, and not the 3200+ that I'd normally do.

More on that in a moment.

Then, slowly, start raising the calories again. Maybe 100 calories per week, maybe more. I'm not sure how fast to go. Maybe 200 per week? maybe 100 calories every three days? We'll see.

The goal for me will be to get to maintenance level RDI. FatSecret suggests 2700 when I set it to maintain weight and my activity level to low active. I'm thinking that 2500 will be good, since I'm doing what FatSecret sees at 3000 calories burn per day. If this is a little much compared to the real world measurements, then 2500 is probably good. It trick is to get there, and stay there without gaining.

And if I do gain, then WHY do I gain? Is it because I am getting fatter? Is it simply because I eat more and I have more food processing in my system? Is it because I tend to eat more salt and thus retain more water? I don't know...

Now, about the Indulgence Day... I'm thinking that I might not need it once I get to some level of maintenance. I think, if I have 2500 calories to play with on an every day basis, I should be able to get strange cravings out of the way on the day. I should be able to do things right. I should also have days where I get nowhere near the 2500 calories - it is actually pretty high compared to what I'm used to - so having a day of 3000 after a day or two of some hundred calories lower shouldn't matter. It's a "long run" thing for the future.

I hope this will work. There is really no way of telling before I do it. Try it out.

So, anyways, here I am - babbling again. However, this IS how I find many of the solutions to my "problems". Write about it and you will find a solution.

So, I will stay at 1800 for this week, or for some days if I can see my goal is closing in fast. Then I will slowly up the calories. Then we'll see what happens.

Today, work is gonna be reasonably easy. I have a lot to do, but it's not too hard. I just gotta do it.

Dinner tonight will be leftovers from the weekend. Pork roast, spanish rice and mixed vegetables. Not bad. Lunch - I've invited Wife to go with me for a pita bread at the local pizza place. We didn't have enough leftovers for both lunch and dinner, and dinner's more important.

The pitas at the little place we go to aren't bad though.

It's a small pita, with grilled chicken, and lettuce. No dressing. Pretty good, and very fulfilling for a lunch meal. Low on calories too. :)

Today I'm thankful for:
- A great weekend!
- Sleeping very well for many nights now.
- Finally waking up! I had so much trouble getting out of bed. I was COMFY!
- Morning coffee.

I hope you all have an awesome day! Make it count! Life is good!
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Good job catching yourself babbling. I was wondering if I skipped parts and reread something. As for Stand Up meetings, it is mentioned in the very good documentary "Meetings Bloody Meetings", which I highly recommend for any professional (Expensive, and hard to find though.) It documents how much time is wasted at corporations on meetings, and has one of the Monty Python guys, its funny too. As for your weight gain deal, I am of the belief that our bodies have resting states per body type, and it is not a simple as calories in or calories out. Your body probably wants to be fat, and will make changes to its systems to make itself fat again. I think for people like me, i can probably never stop counting calories and weighing myself regularly. Its like the term, Once an addict always an addict. I personally hate that, but I think it may be the truth. Perhaps someday, I can go on an autopilot type situation and be able to do this blindfolded (and intoxicated) but I am a long way from that now.  
23 Apr 12 by member: posterchild66
Good entry today, thanks, and pondering many of the same questions I'm grappling with but in more depth (or longer-winded)(? :)) I feel like maintenance without too many fluctuations is going to be much harder than losing. I still feel that the calories in = calories out equation is not right for me personally and that I need to keep intake just a little under output all the time. First though, I need to lose that last 1.5 kg! 
23 Apr 12 by member: Earthlady
I too think that I need to be below my assumed calorie burn, at least by a little. If nothing else, then to catch errors in judgement, and not suddenly gain a lot (again). I hope I find that balance relatively fast. :) 
23 Apr 12 by member: kingkeld
I think doing away with indulgence day, when you get a stable RDI is a good move. It worked for you loosing weight - but ultimately, encourages you to make bad food choices on that day. Maybe you should try varying your calorie intake. I am finding I am pretty much stable in my weight now. I am loosing, roughly a pound every 2-3 weeks, but I am confident this will even out. My calorie intake goes up and down - sometimes I eat 1300, sometimes 1600-1700. I am sure this is helping me. I don't purposely do this, it depends on how I feel... Some days I just feel hungrier than others.... I remember finding on the Internet, an example of this type of eating, where a couple of days were low, followed by slightly higher day, then a lower day, then a higher day etc. BUT they weren't massively higher just 100-300 higher. The emphasis was on the average weekly intake. Maybe worth investigating..... I seem to remember Jsfantome posting about it a few months back. 
23 Apr 12 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
I really appreciate the "babbling" as you figure out how maintenance is going to work for you. I am a long way from facing that challenge but I truly do learn something from you with every journal entry-even if it is simply a reminder about the power of gratitude. So, KingKeld, "babble" all you want and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. 
23 Apr 12 by member: joyfulgirl
LOL joyful, I'll make sure to NOT stop babbling... just for you. :D 
23 Apr 12 by member: kingkeld
I love the way you analyze your progress, make a plan and stick to it. You are an example to us all. Can't wait to see what solution you come up with. I have to admit that I will more than likely follow in your footsteps when that time comes for me ;) 
23 Apr 12 by member: M.Trublu
I'm thinking, Keld that the how to consume calories burned is probably best answered by what to consume and not how much? I don't know this to be true though. Natalie is the expert, I think, in this area. Since, she's still moving, maybe a PM to her? 
23 Apr 12 by member: Helewis
"I am of the belief that our bodies have resting states per body type, and it is not a simple as calories in or calories out. Your body probably wants to be fat, and will make changes to its systems to make itself fat again." - posterchild66. I tend to agree with him. And researchers are believing it too. I think the "experts" call it our "bodystat." Or basically, where your body's set point just naturally wants to be. Resetting that "set point" can take years. 
23 Apr 12 by member: MillaLite
Actually it is as simple as calories in and out, its proven science. it just finding what works for you. The thing is, given daily activity, rest food (type, times of eating, etc), etc etc the "calories out" can change drastically. 
23 Apr 12 by member: Zogg
Oh, I'm a personal trainer and have a degree in exercise physiology, shoot me a PM if you have questions.. lol. 
23 Apr 12 by member: Zogg
I love the babbling. You do the same as me... you work through ideas and issues in your head at the same time as you type them into your journal, and while the start of a post may be a little confused or unmotivated, often the end is really positive and the issue has been resolved. I think it's important to remember that our writing isn't just for our "audience". Primarily it's a tool for us to use, and we should be free to use it however we want. Anyone who doesn't like it doesn't have to read it! But I thoroughly enjoy reading yours. =) 
23 Apr 12 by member: ferlengheti
Ferlengheti - You're absolutely right. As much as I tend to address "the audience" when I write, I first and foremost write for myself. The journal is where I work out problems, clear my mind, celebrate success and b**ch and white when needed. The journal is for ME. But people are always welcome to look over my shoulder. :) 
23 Apr 12 by member: kingkeld
"This maintenance thing is still puzzling me somewhat. I know what I need to do, I need to consume the calories that I burn. However, when I get even remotely close, I seem to gain weight. Not good. " You -will- gain some weight when you start moving your calories back up to a maintenance level. Whether you gain -fat- is another matter. When you transition off of a prolonged energy deficit, you're likely to gain 5 to 6 pounds in glycogen, water, and assorted non-fat mass almost instantly. You do not want to overreact and assume you're eating too much. By way of example, when I stopped losing weight after over a year of having done so, my body was almost literally empty. I put on close to 10 pounds in about 2 weeks - eating LESS than I did the week after, when the weight regain slowed dramatically. If you can get past the shock of the day-to-day scale readings, it should level off quickly. Again, for most people, that's usually 5-6 lbs in one or two weeks. It's the reverse phenomenon from when you start dieting, when most people drop several pounds immediately - but it's not fat. Now, if you've already put those rebound pounds back on, and you're still adding weight at what you think is your maintenance level, then you may simply have overcalculated your new maintenance level. In either case, "reverse dieting" is recommended (and I apologize if you know all this already). Simply increase your current intake by 100 or 200 calories. Eat at that level for a week or two. Then increase again. When you're at a point where your weight is holding steady - voila. Maintenance level.  
24 Apr 12 by member: Nimm


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