kingkeld's Journal, 28 February 2014

Good morning!

Phew, what a day yesterday.

Visit at the National Hospital "The Kingdom", LOTS of walking, and GREAT food.

All the while sticking to play, and coming out of the day with a nice calorie deficit and weight loss. :)


First things first. The doc.

As you might know, I have atrial fibrillation. I won't say I SUFFER from it, but I have it. My heart beats unevenly.

There is nothing dangerous about it, but it's uncomfortable.

I've had a couple of shocks to the heart as an attempt to fix it, but it didn't do anything longer lasting than about a day either time.

So for now it's fixed with medicin, and I went to talk to a doctor to see what the options were to do a more permanent fix.

Well, the solution is that I'll just stick to the medicine.

I hate the thought of having to be medicated for the rest of my life, but that is how it is.

The alternative is an invasive performance done on my heart, which will then need stabilization with more dangerous medicines, risks of complications - MANY more - and no real guarantee that I will feel any difference from simply taking a pill twice a day.

It sounds like a good solution. The alternative is no better, quite the contrary.


So, when I was talking to the doctor, he asked about my background to kinda get a grip on my situation. I told him about the weight loss, and that I teach people to lose weight now.

He was deeply impressed.

He was curious about it all, and was REALLY quizzing me on my approaches, and asked me a lot - A LOT - of questions about my thoughts on foods, calories, exercise, etc.

In essense, I told him that calorie counting works, that IIFYM works, that carido is good, HIIT is better and strength training is optimal.

The more I told him, the broader his smile went.

After the conversation, when it was time to leave, he shook my hand, and told me that it had been very inspiring to talk to me, that he's gonna talk to some of his obese clients about my approaches, and point them to me, and that the world needs more inspirational people like me who seems to know what they are doing.

I was ten feet tall when I let. What a compliment - from a doctor specializing in heart surgery. Wow.


Since we were out all day, we walked a LOT. Fitbit says 27,000 steps, 21 kilometers! Damn!

I burned 3851 calories, and consumed 2950, so I came out of the day with a 900 calorie deficit. I had cake along the way, and SO MUCH MEAT!

At dinner, I ate around 650 grams of meat alone! :)

It was super lean, though, and it was great.


Knowing that I have all that food still "sitting in me", I'm very surprised that I actually dropped weight today. My scale says it's mostly fluid, and it's probably just from not drinking quite enough water, and also the excess walking, but still. Let's see where I end up in a couple of days.


Today, I'm gonna go visit another gym. The owner of the gym where I work and teach has opened another department in another town.

I'm gonna go work out there this morning, and meet the staff. I am hoping to set up shop there, to build more classes. More business.


After that, I'm gonna hang a little with my boss, and then go pick up Wife when she is done working. We're celebrating Daughter's B-day later this week, and we're gonna go to an Indian restaurant. It'll be nice.

I will go for same approach as yesterday. Lots of calories burned (hopefully), and focus on meat as much as possible. I won't overload on calories until dinner time, but just have a few high-protein snacks along the way.


I'm feeling better mentally. I can tell, that my world is slowly opening up around me. It's a strange thing.

I still have a LOT of issues getting even near my work place. However, I can tell that the rest of my situation is not as scary as it has been. I hope these are good signs.

I think talking to the heart doc yesterday really took a load off. It was nice to know that I am NOT gonna have more procedures done.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- IIFYM. Cake, lots of meat, everything I could ask for AND losing weight.
- Weekend.
- Wife!
- Trying out a new gym. Still the same system, but a different place.

Happy weekend! As always I probably won't be here much through the weekends. But rest assured - LIFE IS GOOD!

192.5 lb Lost so far: 149.3 lb.    Still to go: 5.1 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
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iCommenting have the same problem, the doctor told me to try and get the weight off and exercise. I trying and I give you credit that you are to. Good luck 
27 Feb 14 by member: Mariannie42
Sounds like a great day for you, shame about the medicine, but its so much better than the alternative, and one less thing to stress about. 
27 Feb 14 by member: Kingstephen
Proud of you my friend! 
28 Feb 14 by member: sarahduke
You deserve all the praise and more one day hopefully you will truelly understand what an insperation to us all you really are 
28 Feb 14 by member: qapl
What a great story! Congrats and I hope the consultation thing really takes off! 
28 Feb 14 by member: Draglist
Think of all the new students you will be getting! Wow. Glad some of your dark cloud is lifting, mine is too and what a difference it makes. You really did do a lot of walking too. 
28 Feb 14 by member: Neptunebch
Is there a link between the weight loss and the weird heartbeat? I am asking because my hubby on here therealdave (also your buddy) is having issues with his heart also. It seems worse after his weight loss. Or is it just that with the smaller body that you feel more? Dave will see cardiologist himself next week to see what they recommend for him. He aced a stress test and no problems showed on echo cardiogram. The weird heartbeat went away during the stress test. Guess I have to keep him working hard all the time LOL! The holter monitor he wore for 48 hours showed way too many of these weird heartbeats for our doctors comfort. Thus the trip to the cardiologist...  
28 Feb 14 by member: kmunson
KK - this sounds like an opportunity to go on your own is fast approaching. Keep your heart (no pun intended) and your eyes OPEN for opportunity, for when one window closes a door opens. I'm so excited for you. Doctors need to push for their patients to exercise and get healthy naturally, not just with pills and potions. Some docs in my town are giving prescriptions for exercise and sending them to our local re-fit centre. For example, a heart patient will have a prescription to walk for 45 minutes each day. - kind of cool that the docs are finally getting smart. Good luck and have another great day! 
28 Feb 14 by member: Lynn1958
I was diagnosed with LAE (left atrial enlargement) quite a few years ago and my doctor said it was one of those silent killers in middle aged men. My BP was fine but I was having trouble winding down in the evening and my heart would pound irregularly as I tried to sleep. I could only naturally hear my heat beats in my ears and thus monitor the mis-beats while I tried to sleep and at times it would stop and skip beats obviously causing anxiety. Your problem may be related to an LAE diagnosis. Did your physician put you on a blood pressure reducer? My doctor did and I've felt better ever since and the LAE doesn't show up on the test anymore EKG. It's been good for over 10 years now and the BP medication doesn't slow me down like it did at first. I looked it up today since I haven't thought much about it and I saw the tie between LAE and WIKPEIDiA said it as such "Left atrial enlargement (LAE) or left atrial dilation refers to enlargement of the left atrium (LA) of the heart, and is a form of cardiomegaly. In the general population, obesity appears to be the most important risk factor for LAE.[1] Also, a study found that LAE can occur as a consequence of atrial fibrillation (AF),[2] although another study found that AF by itself does not cause LAE. The latter study also showed that the persistent type of AF was associated with LAE, but the number of years that a subject had AF was not." Interesting..FYI. Makes some sense since a heart that isn't beating properly is overworking and making the heart wall enlarged and cannot be considered good as with exercise. Getting the beat under control is key. 
28 Feb 14 by member: 2 Big 2 Fail
Great info, 2Big. I truly appreciate that. I WAS on blood pressure medicin when I was obese. That has stopped, since my blood pressure now is absolutely perfect (tests over several days, MANY measurements over the course of the day give an average of 128/80). The medicine I am on now and will probably stay on simply "fixes" the heart beat to be more correct. It works a charm. I too can hear/feel my pulse through my inner ear and it sounds WAY better. :) 
01 Mar 14 by member: kingkeld


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