kingkeld's Journal, 20 February 2014

Good morning!

Today's weigh-in just ticked me off. Plain and simple.

I'm UP 1.1 kilo, almost at 90 frickin' kilos.

Yesterday, I did what I'm supposed to do.

I ate to the max of my calorie allowance. I fit my macros perfectly.

I was at a 700 calorie deficit. I walked 15 kilometers, AND I did my strength training.

Geeez. What does it take for a guy to lose some weight here?!


Obviously, since I STILL gain weight and it's not fluid or anything else other than fat, I'm consuming too many calories. It's not rocket science. Either I'm not active enough for my intake, or my intake needs to be lower.

It can only be one of those two.

So, I'll have to lower it.

I have adjusted my spreadsheet which calculates my calorie intake to only register 90% of my calorie burns. This would lower my daily calorie allowance with about 300 calories.

I did a recalculation of my macros. Since I am now much heavier, my body demands more protein. Go figure. :) This makes it harder to hit my macros, and harder to eat right. I'm still gonna do it though. This is where I can remain in control when the going gets tough.

So, today's challenge is:

2100 calories RDI as an absolute max, but aim for 1800.
Protein: 200g
Fat: 65g
Fiber 40-60g

Now since we know that protein is 4 calories per gram, and fat is 9 calories per gram, this alone takes away 1385 calories.

With my current plan I'm hitting the numbers nicely, though, with 201g of protein, 66g of fat, 44g of fiber, at 1810 calories. Not bad planning there, Keld.

Right now, there is not much wiggle room for the "fun stuff", but the foods I am having ARE great.

I'm having more SKYR for snacks. Lunch is a huge portion of scambled eggs with ham and bacon. Dinner is a very nice 200g steak with potatoes.

I can't complain. :)


Hopefully, my numbers will start changing soon. I hope that the lowered registered calorie burn will do the trick. This will force my calorie allowance down, and hopefully it will show me results.

I need results soon, if I am going to keep my motivation in this.


I know I could "just" go back to my old ways of doing this. I know how to drop ten kilos in a month if needed, but I also know how unhealthy and counter productive it will be. I know how hard that is, and right now I am not up to a challenge like that.

I like the idea of me doing RIGHT, eating RIGHT, taking my training into consideration and rebuild those muscles as I go. I know how much of a difference it makes when I am in top shape.

I know it'll take a while to get there again. I'm not in a hurry to see the end result. I'm just in a hurry seeing that I'm getting there!


Today, I'm gonna have a skype session with a lady from the other end of the country. She'd needing to lose weight, and desperate to do so. I have promised her to get her pointed in the right direction, and help her get it done.

I hope that this can convince me that I can do skype sessions for weight loss in the future. It would be great to be able to expand a future business to go further than just my backyard. If I can actually move people towards their goals unsing skype, I could go worldwide!

This will be an interesting thing to do, and I am sure it will be good for my mental health to help someone.


I really feel that I'm benched here at home. I am on sick leave from the work that I soon won't have any longer, and I can't work my other jobs because of that. So I feel that I'm not doing anything.

This obviously also affects the weight. I have too much passive time, when not working at the gym, not teaching, not going to work.

I try to be active, and I think I do okay. 3400 calories burned yesterday tells quite a story, I think. 15,000 steps says something.

Still, it doesn't show in the numbers that truly matter to me.

Bodyfat percentage keep going up - today it's frickin 17% - and I get more and more miserable thinking about it.


Yesterday, I was about to dig into the candies. I didn't.

Priority and consistency. This seems to keep my hands out of the cookie jar. Let's keep it that way.


Today, I feel that I am more stubborn to get those results.


Today's plan was really to just do a lot of walking, but the more I think about it, the more I want to go to the gym and do an HIIT session on the elliptical.

It's give me a boost on the fat burning, and it feels great (when it's done). I will do this today, and then some walking. :)

There is no way I can let myself reach 90 kilos.


I have to get back where I want to be, no matter what. I want the fit, lean and mean look back, and right now I don't feel that I have it. It's not a good feel for me at 89 kilos.

So, I'm tightening up a bit further, and we'll see where that goes.

The tricky part is, of course, that the more I tighten up, the harder it gets, and the more likely is it that I will eventually fail. It's a fine balance.

Still, priority and consistency, right? Right.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Stubbornness.
- Wife
- Early morning.

Life is good!

Now, of course, the key is sticking to it. :)
197.8 lb Lost so far: 144.0 lb.    Still to go: 10.4 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   gaining 17.0 lb a week

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Im in the same headspace weight and body wise now Keld. Let myself gain 10bls over the last few months and its so much HARDER to take it off the 2nd time around! Eating well and working out HARD and not seeing much reward. Frustrated too. We know how to this works and sticking to it when you get overwhelmed is key. We can do it, we need to support each other!  
19 Feb 14 by member: sarahduke
Keep on fighting the good fight, Keld! 
19 Feb 14 by member: Draglist
No failure; just feedback. You're listening to the feedback. Now it's all about the doing. You know how! Cheers. What are you doing up at this time of day? :) 
19 Feb 14 by member: northernmusician
You have to remember that muscle weighs more then fat. Keep building the muscle and the weight will drop. I had mentioned that I've been at the same weight for 2 weeks now and got frustrated. So, I had my trainer do a body fat test on me and instead of losing weight on the scale, my body fat went down 2%. Better then the #'s on the scale. So, just keep doing what your doing and don't worry so much about the scale. Change your workout here and there because of muscle memory. Keep up the good work. Joanie 
20 Feb 14 by member: Joanie69


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