kingkeld's Journal, 17 February 2014

Good morning!

"It's about damn time he gets his butt back to writing a journal", I'm sure someone says.... :)

Well, here I am.

It's been a crazy week, with a lot of impressions, good and bad. It's been a rollercoaster ride both emotionally, and in regards to weight and diet.

I'm not even sure where to begin.

Well, let's get the tough ones out of the way.

Not much to my surprise, I've been notified that my workplace is "considering" laying me off.

"Considering" means that they want to hear my side of all that has happened, before they make their final decision. This is just a way for them to cover their asses before letting me go. The law statest that they have to do it this way.

Real life says that I have already told them repeatedly why I don't see that I have done anything wrong, and they STILL refuse to listen.

Oh well.

This job is now tained beyond repair anyways. If I was NOT being laid off, I think it would be a matter of time before I would leave regardless.

Instead, they can now fire me, but have to pay me 4 months worth of salary, until my final day, which I am guessing will be either by the end of either June or July. Probably June.

In many ways this is a massive relief. It's also a massive stress factor. The fact that they just refuse to listen to me makes me beyond angry, but it also shows me that they do NOT care. They simply aren't interested in getting me back. I'm fine with them coughing up some money for that. Bastards.

Well, it's nice to get it out of my system. Life goes on. I'm off to bigger and better things.


I've seen they psychologist twice now. I'm not sure just how much it does, to be honest. I get to talk a lot, and she says a few things here and there, but I don't see much in regards to suggestions, to tools for the future, anything like that. I hope this is going to happen, or it's a waste of money, honestly. So far, there hasn't been much that I haven't concluded on my own already.


The weight? It's been up and down like crazy.

I got the letter with the "bad news" on Valentine's Day. Yup. They know how to time it to COMPLETELY kill any kind of happiness. Thanks a lot.

The result was (obviously) that I was TOTALLY careless about anything food related. I just didn't give a damn, and let my emotions run the train, which obviously ended in a wreck. It wasn't pretty, I tell you.


The day after, I did reclaim the reigns, and I have done great the last two days.
Every day I weigh in, every day I hit my macros, every day I eat the LOWEST amount of calories that I can if I don't want to lose muscle mass.

Since I am building muscle, and still getting back on track on my strength trining post-surgery, it's important for me to eat enough - more than it usually is. It's important that I get all the nutrition in for my training.

So there is definitely a lowest daily calorie intake, along with a max.

Today, my low is 2281 calories. It's quite a bit, actually.

The max is 2795. My spreadsheet calculator is still compensating for stupid food choices over the last month. I deserve that. Some of it, though, being past the 28 days that I look back, is now long gone.


The game plan is simple.

Stay out of the candy shop.

There is plenty of room for treats in the RDI that I get. Yesterday, my food intake was so optimized that I actually added 200g of dark chocolate to up my fat intake and my calorie intake, to meet my macros. It's wild that dieting can be like that. And still, down a lot today. It's all good.


Another good example is today.

My food plan looks like this:

"Breakfast" at 11 am:
- Three breakfast tacos with corn tortilla, egg, shredded chicken breast and cheese.

- Shrimp ettouffée leftovers, 725g

Afternoon snack:
- Skyr, 500g

- Checken breast in thai vegetables, 500g

Evening snack:
- Protein bar or shake.

...and I STILL have 600 calories to go to reach my minimum!

All macros are met. 180g of protein. 65g of fat. 40g of fiber.

Not bad in a day's worth of food.


In a few minutes, I'm heading out for my walk. I'm gonna do the usual 5k walk before hitting the gym.

Today, I'm at 6 reps at the gym. This is where I was before surgery. I'm curious how my body handles it.

The reps are fairly quick right now, and not as time demanding as what I normally do. That will be next step.

Since circle training dictates that I spend 45 seconds per machine, doing my 6 reps as slow as I can within that time frame, this will be next goal. Today's goal is "just" to do the 6 reps.

I'm pretty sure I can do it on most machines. My "return to training" was been perfect all the way. I hope and expect that this week will be no exception to that rule.


Today, I'm thanful for:
- Wife.
- Morning coffee.
- Working out.

Have an awesome week! Life is good!
190.9 lb Lost so far: 150.8 lb.    Still to go: 3.5 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   losing 2.7 lb a week

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I am glad that despite what you are going through at work that you still managed to lose 1.5lbs. Thats great! I hope that everything turns out okay at work. (((Hug))) 
16 Feb 14 by member: Jess cheng
Hope for you that work is ok. If they do life will open up a new door and in most cases a better door.  
16 Feb 14 by member: wholefoodnut
Not too sure specifically what your job is Keld, but Im sure someone as capable as you won't be out of work for very long, and Ive always believed any change is a change for the better in the long run. Good luck 
16 Feb 14 by member: Kingstephen
So... They have eventually told you, they are considering laying you off. A worry and a relief, as you say, at least they will have to pay you. Not sure about the law in your country... In the UK, in your circumstances. There may be a case of 'constructive dismissal'. People have been awarded large sums of money, if they have proved their case... Just a thought. Enjoy your workout today. X 
17 Feb 14 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
I'm all over that already, Pam. :) And in regards to the job, there's nothing there to salvage, I feel. It'd never be the same coming back to it. At the same time I see more stress in my future if I could go back.  
17 Feb 14 by member: kingkeld
Motivation and will power is what I need. I am up and down like a yoyo. I gained 2lbs and I am determined to get rid of it this week. Valentine is over. I saw myself in my dress that used to fit me much nicer and I did not like what I saw. Time to shape up Shez. I have a goal to meet by May. All is changing at work and not for the better which is worrying. My hubby is going for a new job interview today and I am hoping it will be good news. I am wishing myself some good luck this week. I have joined a new Zumba class to help speed things up and I am also going back to Salsa classes this week.  
17 Feb 14 by member: ShirleyAlph
On the brighter side they have to pay your salary and you will be open to do something you love. Plus you still have all the best things in life going for you. ;) 
17 Feb 14 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
Salsa classes sound like fun  
17 Feb 14 by member: wholefoodnut
Wow! You have had a challenging week. Sorry to hear about how things are headed at work, but I believe you will be happier and better off somewhere else, maybe even running your own gym/business. I am sure you will succeed wherever you land! 
17 Feb 14 by member: jwill77nc2
I hope that this finality of the situation reduces some of your stress. Best of luck in finding a replacement situation. Congrats on getting back after the eating plan. 
17 Feb 14 by member: Draglist
I enjoy that you are always thankful for things. It is a nice reminder at the end of you journal. 
17 Feb 14 by member: ALKJ
Hang in there, man. Be careful about what you say to your employer, and the psychologist. My take on the "we're considering laying you off" is that it's a) psychological warfare, and b) trying to get you to quit or demoralize you with the end goal your dismissal. The only time a company pre-announces a layoff is when they are trying to get people to quit so they don't have to pay the severance. You should find out how many people were sent the letters, and when. Not sure about Danish law, but there are some interesting rules for "layoffs" in the U.S. Most importantly, there has to be a business reason for mass dismissals, and if you're trying to fire someone, but don't really have cause... you can't just lay them off. Well, you can, but you leave yourself open to lawsuit. So, you need to find out why they are laying people off. Do your union reps know anything about this? And then you need to know who else is being "considered". I'd be very suspicious of the timing (not Valentine's Day, btw - the timing with your situation). It seems very suspicious that they had a confrontation with you, you stood up for yourself, and suddenly it's layoff time! Maybe coincidence, but I'd find out for sure. You should be documenting all this stuff (and I'm guessing you are) - the timing, the little nuances, so that if it does come down to litigation, you have the details that will allow you to be successful. On the plus side, maybe this is the push that launches you into your next career! 
18 Feb 14 by member: zebdavison
Bullying in the work place is still going on in 2014. smh 
18 Feb 14 by member: Deb_N


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