kingkeld's Journal, 16 January 2014

Good morning!

It's been another night with very poor sleep. The third night in a row.

Looking at the Fitbit sleep readings, I'm actually quite shocked. Check it out:

Night after Sunday: 4h50min sleep, 4 mins awake, 77 mins restless
Night after Monday: 4h13min sleep, no mins awake, 81 mins restless
Night after Tuesday: 5h45min sleep, 7 mins awake, 111 mins restless
Last night: 3h44min sleep, 11 mins awake, 108 min restless

No wonder I am tired.

I hope I can sleep tonight. I will do my very best to accomplish this.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Feeling completely on track (except for sleep)
- Being able to track sleep numbers, so I can hopefully fix the problem.
- Coffee. More coffee.
- Wife!

Happy Thursday! Life is good!

I had a very active day yesterday. 20,000 steps, 3700 calories burned.

I had an allowance of 2900 calories, and had no problem sticking to it. In essence, I should actually have gone about 100 calories over to compensate a little for my high calorie burn. I didn't though, but I'm sure I'll survive. :)


Yesterday was a busy day. I was up early as always, went walking, did my little, quick strength training come-back session, then work, then work at the gym. Overall, I was actively exercising, training or working for 15½ hours straight. I only got to sit down for approx. one hour during my lunch break.

I can REALLY tell in my legs today. They are tired. Still, I'm standing up at work, doing the best I can. It's not that bad an ache.

I prefer to work standing up. I feel that I focus a little better this way, and I like it a lot.


I've been tweaking my spreadsheets a little bit. I had forgotten to take a few things into consideration when I set it up for a weight-loss part of the journey. It would basically reward me for the entire dificit I had created, by allowing me to eat it back in. Can't have that if we want to lose weight, can we? LOL. It would be nice, but that's not how it works.

Obviously, there has to be a continuous calorie deficit when I want to lose weight.

It was hard to see what was happening until I tried setting the numbers more extreme. Right now, I am experimenting to see if I can nudge myself to lose one kilo of fat over the next month. Nice and slow. Just by adjusting a little tiny bit. I need a calorie deficit of 250 on any given day, matched between calorie burn and calorie intake. If I burn more, then I get the difference back, spread out on the other days, if I burn less, then I lose a little bit of the RDI over the next days. It's so little - since I haven't done anything extreme - that it's barely noticable. I am continuously in a calorie deficit, even without trying, so it's not hard to do. I just my usual thing, and it happens.


The next thing to work out in my calculations is whether I can truly, long term, count on the calorie burn numbers that the fitbit gets me, and if I can count on them being accurate when matched up with the way I count calories.

I might have to put in some kind of factor to make it fit right.

I figure that if I maybe seem to have a too high calorie intake, even if all numbers look right, then I am obviously eating more. I then need to take away some calories.

I figure to simply put in a factor somewhere. Maybe try to then only consume 95% of my normal RDI. Make it automated so I only have to set the factor once.

Then, if I still gain weight doing what SHOULD be right, then simply lower it to 90, etc.

This should be a good solution. The question is where to factor it in, so it affects all the right numbers, and leave the other ones alone?

I haven't decided on this yet. Damn. Nerdism galore. :)

I like working with numbers like this. Creating this tool is good fun, and it seems to work like a charm so far. :)
183.6 lb Lost so far: 158.1 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   gaining 4.6 lb a week

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I struggle sometimes with sleep, and by coincidence it's been for the last four nites as well with crazy vivid dreams. Is it due to the growing moon?! I do at times take some homeopathic sleeping aids, maybe something to consider? Good luck tonite, hopefully will 'Ole Lukøje' find you :-) 
16 Jan 14 by member: TorilJ
My shine uses the terminology 'Deep sleep' and sleep... I would think that is similar to the fitbit. When I researched it last year, I found out that 'deep sleep' only accounts for about 50% of our total sleep time... And that is fine. I vary between 3-5 hours of deep sleep. The 'lighter' sleep, can be when we dreaming and generally slightly moving or twisting. This makes sense as our activity trackers are measuring movement. So I shouldn't worry KK your 'restless' sleep sounds like the lighter dreaming kind of sleep... You sound as if you are getting enough 'deep sleep'. If you are going to research it, you will find it hard to find a site than gives you figures....  
16 Jan 14 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
That doesn't sound like a lot of sleep. I'm tired and I do get a good night's sleep. Better luck tonight, 
16 Jan 14 by member: davidsmom
I am sorry you feel tired, because in the last couple of days you did not get enough sleep. Reading your journals answers some of my questions and concerns, but as a newbie I am still searching for many answers. One of them is about how to get access to my burned calories with my different activities. Are you using one of these fitbit activity and sleep wristbands? Do you need to set up different activities during your day for different type of activities to get your numbers on burned calories? I hope to find something reliable but simple method on burned calories. Do you need to wear any additional straps with the fitbit device? I tried many heart beat monitors, but I did not have great success with them. Some of them were uncomfortable to wear, especially during workouts, because of the additional straps and the design of the monitor. Some of them without strap was not able to pick up the heart beats continuously.  
16 Jan 14 by member: MimiMeirah
It was a full moon last night, some don't think moon's phases affect things, but I sure do. I use a natural product from the health food store called "calms". It is like passion flower and chamomile...but it really helps me rest. Just a thought. Feel better. 
16 Jan 14 by member: Sherisauer
Mim, The fitbit flex is only a wristband. That's all that I wear. It registers all kinds of movement, but there are obviously things that it can't tell, and those I enter manually. I good example is that it can't tell whether I am standing or sitting. During a FULL work day, this can make quite a difference, so I make it a point to enter it manually.  
16 Jan 14 by member: kingkeld
Good luck with that. I'd be interested in the BIA numbers relative to how much sleep one got. Probably too many variables to track the effect, but I haven't been sleeping enough myself and I'm wondering if it contributes to my current plateau.  
16 Jan 14 by member: Draglist
I would hate to see my sleep schedule while I am pregnant or worse after I have this baby. Eeek! Hopefully you are so pooped tonight you are down for the count. I hate how my sleep messes with my weight and eating too. :/ 
16 Jan 14 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
Sleep is such a necessary component and it sucks when we don't get enough. I too struggle at times to get more than 5 hours uninterrupted. I do hope you get a decent night's sleep tonight. 
16 Jan 14 by member: sarahsmum
Thanks for the info on the fitbit flex, I am thinking about to get one too. When I was dealing with disturbed sleep patterns on long run, 3 mg Melatonin supplement with added Theanine helped me. I hope you will get better sleep tonight. 
16 Jan 14 by member: MimiMeirah
Hi Keld - I am luck to be able to sleep well, so I feel for you. Hope you get a good rest tonight. I wanted to fill you in on my fitbit. I'm Loving it! I do a lot of cycling so put it on my show when I do that. I enter the time of my exercise exactly, so I'm not double dipping. I also started to use their food journal. Don't like it quite as much as FS, but I don't want to be bothered entering food in 2 places. I'm finding the fitbit really motivates me to get my exercise in - so happy about that. I just heard from Amazon that my Tanita is on the way so should receive that this week or next. Thank you so much for your advice - I'm actually losing weight! Have a great day today! 
16 Jan 14 by member: Lynn1958
You certainly aren't getting in enough total hours in bed, whether asleep or not ... you are resting (somewhat). My FitBit told me I had a rough night too. I did finally get up last night and played games till I got good and drowsy again. I think my dogs wake me up. :( Hope you sleep better tonight. Laughed at your "Nerdism galore" statement. :) 
16 Jan 14 by member: Mom2Boxers
Lynn, it's a pleasure to help. I'm so happy to hear that you're seeing results! :) 
16 Jan 14 by member: kingkeld
I used to wake up every single night at 3:00 AM for a few years. Drove me crazy. That turned into my worry/solve the world time. I refused to get up. LOL. The past couple of months, I've slept through it :) I actually started going to bed a little earlier and either falling asleep to my show (hubby turns it off) or hubby ends up coming to bed earlier, which makes me sleep better. If you're not getting sleep at night, are you able to take a nap in the day?  
16 Jan 14 by member: Jillzee00


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