kingkeld's Journal, 07 January 2014

Good morning!

Phew. It was a rough day diet-wise yesterday.

I was stressing, as those that read my journal yesterday already know, and it definitely affected my eating patterns.

I went over my RDI, but I did manage to reel it in somewhat.

The end result was basically that the day ended up status quo on calories in and out. I was supposed to go a little under, but didn't. Oh well.

The weight changed significantly, though, but it's mostly fluid we're talking about. No body fat damage at all. There shouldn't be, since things evened out. Besides, those results wouldn't show from day to day regardless.

Main thing is to consistently be on track, and I believe I am doing fine when it comes to this.

All my numbers today are VERY close to the averages. Some a little over, some a little under, but all extremely close to my 28 days averages. It shows consistency, even with the higher numbers that I am still working on lowering.

There is ALWAYS room for improvement.

I have set the bar for calorie burns at 3,000 calories per day as an average.

Sometimes I'm wondering if the bar is set a little too high. It's a high goal to consistently reach - and I can tell that it often requires more than a little effort to do.

I'm reaching it okay - but it is pretty time consuming.

It should be much easier to reach it once I go back to work, and once I am able to properly work out. Once I am able to do more, I should reach it pretty much daily with not much effort.

Until then, I will do my best. I will try to be out and moving throughout the day. But there are days where I just can't get to it.

A day like yesterday is a good example. It was raining all day. It was cold and unpleasant. My legs were already aching from two hours on the bike Sunday, and there was no way I could do much. I didn't make my 10,000 step goal, and I didn't meet my calorie burn goal all the way. Just a little short, but still.

I need to find the level where I can consistently do well, without too much panic, and without any kind of stress about doing enough.

In time, when I am back to my normal activities, I will have to adjust my calories in and out to a realistic level. Until then, I will have to wing it as best as I can. So far, I think I'm doing fine.

I might have to lower my expectations on general calorie burn, maybe to 2800 or so. That was my former goal, but I saw myself going over - way over 3000 so often - that I figured it would be fine.

Right now? It's hard to reach daily. 2800 actually makes it a lot easier. I might just go for that. In time, my calorie intake will then adjust to a 2800 calorie allowance, which is PLENTY, as long as I generally play my cards right.


So, I am a little annoyed with my food actions yesterday. I ate too much, and I moved too little.

I will fix that today. A fast day is way past due anyways, and it will nudge me back where I really want to be.

I won't combine it with excess activity - this just kills me and makes me HUNGRY! - but I will be reasonably active as always, and do well.

Food is already planned.

Dinner will be baked rainbow trout, with a salad. 203 calories.

Lunch (or breakfast, if you will...) is something I have REALLY been looking forward to.

It will be breakfast tacos!

Here in Denmark, it is utterly impossible to find corn tortillas.

So, we FINALLY have found a place in the UK that will ship to us. We got a nice nice package from them yesterday, with so many goodies!

One of the things we got was a nice stack of corn tortillas.

This means that I get to do my very first PROPER breakfast tacos in I don't know how long. Years. Literally.


We had tacos last night too. They were amazing.

Simple, with ground beef, lettuce, tomato, salsa, jalapeños and shredded cheese, but it seemed like a meal for kings!


Today is another "scary" day. I'm stressing less about the whole heart/hospital thing, but I have a meeting with work.

It's one of those "You've been out sick for a long time, just wanna know how you're doing"-kinda meetings.

I know to NOT be scared of it. Everything is fine between me and work. It's just one of those things that I think most people are naturally finding stressful.

Still, it'll be nice to see everyone. I'm gonna make sure I have time to say hi to my coworkers.

Still, wish me luck. :)


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Corn tortillas! :)
- Morning coffee!
- Feeling better and better, healing every day. I have almost no sense of being "sick" at all.
- Wife!
- "Sherlock" back on TV. Best. Show. Ever.

Happy Tuesday! Life is good!
186.1 lb Lost so far: 155.6 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
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Hey, best of luck with the office visit, Keld. I hope everything goes smoothly, as I do for the hosp procedure as well. Good luck if you end up moving to that 2800 calories, it makes good sense for now, I think. And I'm very glad to hear your stress (regarding the scale / monitor) is down. Keep on truckin', my man! :D 
06 Jan 14 by member: Rob.c.weiss
Good luck with everything, Keld. 
06 Jan 14 by member: Draglist
Good Luck Keld! 
07 Jan 14 by member: slacker36
I am sure there will always be some fine tuning to my weight maintenance. I'm sure that the overall calorie burn amount will vary depending on a million things, like season, moods, work, etc. - and so will the calorie intake. The trick is, obviously, to get them to balance out somewhat. Aiming for a 2800 calorie burn daily instead of 3000+ will make life easier for me, but I still have to do "something" every day. In essence, it's 15 minutes less on the stationary bike. It's 30 minutes less walking. Many days I will be over 2800, and over 3000 too. But I will not be beating myself up for not reaching the high 3000 goal. I think there is some mental comfort to it. Besides, consuming 2800 calories (if this proves to be correct) should keep me content and happy by far most of the time. It's easy to correct things with a fast day now and then if needed, or just by going nuts working out.  
07 Jan 14 by member: kingkeld
All the best at Work, hope its fine, as Im sure it will be, in a way its nice that they are asking after half full mate, never half empty. Steve 
07 Jan 14 by member: Kingstephen
Corn tortillas are at every store where I live. I like flour ones best. Thanks for the great reminder on a breakfast idea that would be great for my kids. I would do a little turkey sausage, eggs and cheese. Hoping that everything goes well at your check in for work. I hope you are able to get some good rest before your restart. I know I wake up frequently when I am worried or excited about things. 
07 Jan 14 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
Hang in there Keld....stress can play havoc with your numbers, so try to give yourself a break. I'm sure when you get this week behind you and you can get back to your regular routine things will look great again! All the best buddy :-) 
07 Jan 14 by member: namgrunt51
Wishing you the best luck! Take of yourself and be well. 
07 Jan 14 by member: ChicaLean
I bet your Wife enjoyed those tortillas too! No worries on the stressing - it's only natural and we all know you really do have everything diet wise under control. I think that when the hospital thing is over and you are back at work and back at working out, all of this will be minor and you will be right back on track where you want to be. Not to trivialize anything, but you've got this - you've proven it over and over! You ROCK! 
07 Jan 14 by member: Lynn1958
Today I am thankful for tortillas! I didn't realize how spoiled I am :) 
07 Jan 14 by member: zebdavison
It's hard not to worry, but you've done magnificent things with losing and getting healthy. Of course, you'll be in our thoughts and prayers. I went through an episode last June and they thought I was having a heart issue. After spending a day at the cardiologist lab being tested, poked and on the treadmill, it was negative. I have TMJ. Take care Keld and hugs to Wife. I know she's probably worried also.  
07 Jan 14 by member: ClassicRocker


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