kingkeld's Journal, 05 January 2014

Good morning!

I had a good night's sleep. I slept 6 hours, and that seems to be what I need to be running okay the following day.

We went to bed early - as we often do - and got up early.


Today's weigh-in is an interesting one - at least as interesting and strange as the one yesterday.

As some of you might remember, yesterday showed a crazy high body fat percentage compared to my normal ones, and I was seriously doubting whether I am doing the right thing or not.

The conclusion was simply to keep going and see what happens. I do think that what I am doing is absolutely correct, and that this is the way to go for me for the moment - and possibly "all future". I feel that I generally have a good grip on everything, and that the tools I have at hand are those that I need.

Well, today's weigh-in proved me right.

I was pretty occupied yesterday, was active working at the gym all day on a BUSY day. I didn't get to sit down at all.

I also walked my one hour before I went to work, so it all totaled to about ten hours on my feet, 3200 calories burned.

At the end of my shift, Wife came to pick me up, and she was DYING for pizza. I gave in and had one with her. It (almost) fit in my calorie allowance, I went over by 120 calories. I figured it was okay as I could tell that I would burn a couple of hundred calories OVER the 3000 that I have set as a daily goal for now. I could live with the smaller deficit.

So, I had pizza. I had a whole one, as I normally do, even if it is kind of overkill. I don't need a whole pizza. Here in Denmark, a full size pizza is about 600 grams, just so you know what size I am talking about.

In Denmark, it's pretty much standard that you can choose a whole wheat option, and we always get this. It keeps us a little further away from the "fast" carbs, they fill up more and they taste better. I make sure to get plenty of meat on mine, along with cheese, to up the protein content.

I've had plenty of talks with the pizza guy. He always asks me little questions about my weight loss journey, and he is stunned how often I can eat there and maintain my weight. He wants to lose weight, and I'm helping him doing it.

He returns the favor by helping me calculate what is REALLY in his pizzas. :) I can tell you that one pizza has 225g of dough. It's actually not as bad as I thought, but obviously not as good as it COULD be. Still, I'm happy with it. I register the calories, and when it fits my macros, then I'm golden.


So, today showed a very different weigh-in.

Some if probably from the pizza. Other is most likely other things adjusting. The very interesting thing is that it is REALLY far away from yesterday's weigh-in.

Compare the numbers:

Yesterday: 83.3 kgs
Today: 83.8 kgs
(up ½ kilo, or 1 lb if you will)

Yesterday: 12% (10 kgs)
Today: 8.4% (7.04 kgs)
(DOWN 3 kilos!!!)

Yesterday: 69.7 kgs
Today: 73 kgs
(UP 3.3 kgs)

Yesterday: 63.8% (53.15 kgs)
Today: 67.4% (56.48 kgs)
(UP 3.3 kilos)

One thing is obvious. I have a LOT more fluid in my body today. That might just be the pizza clinging on to it. It would have made sense that I would be up 3 kilos from eating pizza, retaining water because of higher carbs and salt.

However, my carb intake yesterday was absolutely sane, at 214 grams. I don't see anything going awry when I normally is around these numbers.

Still, I'm fairly sure this is where the main difference is. However, what puzzles me is that I might be UP three liters of water, but I only GAINED half a kilo of WEIGHT. Obviously, for this to be right, something else has to go. Right? Well, what my Über Smart Smartscale thinks went, is body fat. Down three full kilos.

There is no way that there is a fat loss of three kilos in one day. I would have had to have a calorie deficit of 21,000 calories to do that.

However, I do think that sometimes a fat/weight loss can kinda "sit there" and wait for who-knows-what before it registers.

I have no idea why this is. It just seems like it is.

Just like we sometimes have no weight loss, no matter what we do, for weeks, only to suddenly drop weight drastically. Maybe it's just one of those things.


What it tells me is to keep going. Change nothing. Keep an eye on stats, keep an eye on averages. Don't keep (too much of) an eye on daily numbers. It doesn't pay off.


Another kicker about today's numbers is that it SIGNIFICANTLY upped my RDI today. I was expecting to get an allowance of 2400 or so today. Instead, to ensure that I don't go into too much of a deficit and risk losing more muscle than necessary, I get an RDI of 2700. Nice!


It's gonna be a challenge to reach 2700 calories today though.

I'm rehearsing with the band - FIRST TIME AFTER SURGERY - today! I'm so excited about it - haven't seen the guys in almost a month and half, and I am itching SO BAD to play. I missed it.

It's gonna be a busy day, and I'm gonna be preoccupied and won't have access to other food than what I bring. We generally don't do lunch breaks, but will have a 20 minute (or so) coffee break at some point. That's all. This is pretty much the only opportunity to eat before dinner.

I will bring a couple of protein bars to up my calorie intake and my protein intake.

Normally, I prefer to bring shakes, as they are somewhat lower in calories than that bars, but today I need to up the CALORIES too, or I will be in too much of a deficit.

I also need to ensure that I get the entire calorie burn that I have planned. I want to reach 3000 calories burned every day. It's a new goal, and totally accomplishable, if I put my mind to it a little bit.

Doing this over the course of a month will give me a 3000+ calorie RDI, and this will just make life a whole lot easier on me.

I like having a high RDI. I like large meals, I like that I don't have to be "afraid to eat" something that I feel like. I feel that at 3000 calories I have nothing to fear.

Actually, I'm doing fine at 2500 calories too, but I like the comfort of a higher number. It's probably the "fear" of gaining weight that is messing a little with my head.

Still, there's nothing wrong with staying fit and healthy, right? :)


My buddy, iamachristianfreak, asked if I had ever posted pictures of the Kitty Cat. I have, but it's been a while. I figured I'd post one of my favorites of her.

Just like many other cats, she has a "thing" for boxes:


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Rockin' out with the band!
- Great weigh-in numbers today!
- Getting up early with Wife, so we get to watch some shows before I go walk and play music.
- Wife!
- Coffee in the morning!

Have a great Sunday! Life is good!
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on diet kingkeld's own diet   gaining 7.7 lb a week


I notice you keep track of a lot of numbers...I'm so smart! I do not. Probably my problem. Do you keep track of output other than calories? How do you know how much fluid you are retaining, if in fact you are? Good job sticking with all of this after surgery!! 
04 Jan 14 by member: ALKJ
ALKJ, I basically keep track using a Tanita Smartscale and a Fitbit Flex. With those, I get daily measures on weight, bodyfat, muscle mass, fluid, bone weight, metabolic age, BMI, Total Daily Energy Expenditure, Abdominal fat, steps, calorie burn from activities and probably some things I have forgotten. :) This, going hand in hand with knowing my calorie intake, plus the macro nutrient balance of the food (protein, fat, carbs) gives me a VERY good idea of what I am doing. The trouble is, of course, to understand all the numbers and learn how they effect each other. A good example: If I eat A LOT, I usually retain water, gain physical weight and achieve a lower body fat percentage - even if the WEIGHT of the body fat is really the same. It's a number that is relative to the weight, and thus it'll fluxuate quite a bit. I know my fluid retention from seeing the numbers from the scale, and by using common sense, thinking back to what I have eaten. It usually makes sense. Just not today. :) 
04 Jan 14 by member: kingkeld
I love how big she is compared to the box! I myself am very fond of Orange cats. Both of ours are. I will have to get a picture of them next time they are snuggling. Randomly did you know that the majority of Orange cats are male. Which means you have one cool cat! Glad your numbers are panning out where they should. Those are the exact reasons I watch my weight over a week before recording some days my scale will tell me I am up 4 pounds and be back where it usually is in a day or two. Stick to the plan and keep recording. I love seeing the results. 
05 Jan 14 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
Kitty's..! Gotta love em. I commend you on keeping track of all those numbers! I am lucky right now to just keep track of my calories and remember to write it all down, buy hey, we are all getting there. :-) 
05 Jan 14 by member: Sherisauer
Keeping track of the numbers is really no biggie. It's all laid out for me. Every morning, I weigh in, and make a note of the 4-5 numbers I follow. I check my phone app for the fitbit info. I write the 6-7 numbers in, and get an output number. I put this in my calorie counter app. Done. :) 
05 Jan 14 by member: kingkeld
Awesome day for burning up calories KK! Your kitty is so pretty! Love those eyes! 
05 Jan 14 by member: Mom2Boxers
Very interesting results, Keld. Have fun with the band! 
05 Jan 14 by member: Draglist
Love love love the kitty picture. She looks like a lot of fun! Enjoy the band today - nice to be able to get back to the things you love. 
05 Jan 14 by member: Lynn1958


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