kingkeld's Journal, 04 January 2014

Good morning!

I'm having a hard time "reading" my numbers today. I'm slightly puzzled, but I do think that I'm doing the right thing.

You see, MANY of the trends that I am reading today are claiming that I'm heading in the wrong direction, even if I am actually doing BETTER on both food and exercise than I have been.

I think it's just a matter of me still being in the slipstream of the RDI I was given from my scale, but it does have me worried.

Today's weigh-in isn't bad, but it's one of the worst in a long time because of ONE number: I have a body fat percentage of 12%.

I'm not sure how that even happens right now. I've created a very nice deficit daily, and I have lowered my calories. The only thing I am NOT doing, is strength training - and I do know that this makes a difference, of course - but does the extra cardio really change things this much in one week? If so, a change is needed, but which change?

I do think it's too early to tell.

It's easy to start panicking when numbers go awry. It's very tempting to toss it all out the window with the conclusion that "this ain't working". I do think it's working. It's just a matter of things adjusting.

I remember my buddy Nimm telling me a good while back to always give things at least three weeks before adjusting anything.

Well, it's been three weeks, but I have done fine tuning of so many things along the way that I don't think I can really call it three weeks.

And, of course, I am still in the days after my CRAZY New Year Binge. I'm gonna call it the Big Binge Of 2013. It was so large that it needs its own name. LOL.

The numbers generally don't lie though, and I see things heading in the wrong direction. If I compare with two weeks ago, I get some strange readings, and they just don't make sense.

Check it out - I'll compare the 21. of december (two weeks ago - I'll call it "Then") and today (I'll call it "Now"). Everything is put in average numbers of the last 7 days, to give it a little more consistency than a daily weigh-in will give.

Then: 83.3 kgs
Now: 83.5 kgs
(little to no change)

Body fat:
Then: 9.1% (7.6 kgs)
Now: 11.3 % (9.5 kgs)
(HUGE fat gain, in just two weeks!)

Then: 72.0 kgs
Now: 70.4 kgs
(A pretty large drop in muscle mass too!)

Then: 66.3% (55.22 kgs)
Now: 64.3% (53.69 kgs)
(A large drop in fluid too!)

Calories consumed:
Then: 3443
Now: 3060
(Gone down 383 cals per day)

Calories burned:
Then: 2537
Now: 3155
(Burned 618 calories more daily)

Strange, strange numbers. Looking at it like this, it makes no sense. Consuming less, working harder, gaining FAT?!

Still, I do see some other trends in the numbers.

Comparing calories in and calories out (based on 7 days) two weeks ago, shows that I had an EXCESS of 818 calories per day the last 7 days.
Today, it shows that I have a deficit of 5 calories per day over the last 7 days. It's this high because of the BBO13 (Big Binge Of 2013).

I also see that the average calories in vs. calories out based on 28 days was a deficit of 218 calories two weeks ago, and an EXCESS of 420 day - again based on 28 days averages.

This tells me that I'm still slipstreaming the numbers from the Tanita scale.


Phew. That was a lot of numbers. If you managed to read and get what I am saying, I salute you. I'm not even sure I get it myself.

I think the smart thing is to keep going until things are more even. See where I am heading.

There are still several things that aren't "normal", and thus makes it very tricky to fully do my diet and exercise.

- I am still healing, so I can't do strength training.
- I am still waiting for the heart doctors to give me the okay to up my activities because of my heart.
- I am still not back to work. I don't have the same general activity level that I used to.


Speaking of heart.

I got a call from the hospital yesterday.

I will go get the shock to the heart this coming Friday. Surprisingly, I'm not nervous at all. Wife is super nervous, though, and I'm trying to calm her down on this.

I understand that the heart is a reasonably vital part of us(!), but this is a small procedure that they do over and over again.

Basically, they "reset" the heart to help me out of an uneven heart rate.

This most likely means that I will have to be out from work next week too. I'm not 100% how to handle it, as I had everything based on going back to work Monday.

I'm gonna write to my bosses today and see what they say. Most of them read their mails over the weekend. We'll see what they say.

I can't say that I would mind staying home next week. ;)


Today, I'll be back at the gym working.

It was actually not my intention to work today, but it seems that it was scheduled, and I guess I'll take it. It's gonna be a very busy day, as there is a great after-new-year special going on.

MANY people are signing up, and they all need someone to help them get going.

I'm up early - I can't just spontaneously sleep late and out of my usual routines, so it's a nice quiet morning. Wife is still asleep, as is the cat. She's here next to me in her little bed hanging on the radiator. She loves being there - I like to think that it's not only the heat from the radiator, but also that she's close to me.

I have most of my meals planned for the day. Left over meat sauce with NO pasta, some Skyr and a protein bar. All I need to work out is dinner. I'll let Wife decide. She's the one craving things these days, so I'll let her decide what she would like.

I have 1280 calories available for dinner, so there is no chance that I'll blow my budget.

The only real challenge for me today is to make sure I move enough. I have set myself a goal that says at least 3000 calories burned daily as many days as absolutely possible.

I will start off with an hour walk before I go open the gym today. That's a good starting point. That'll make it almost guaranteed that I'll get my steps in.

Then I will try to get a little extra movement in at the gym. Normally this is easy enough, it IS a gym after all, but I can see from the things booked for me to do that there will be almost no time to work out myself. Hell, there will be almost no time to even have lunch!

It's gonna be a rough one.

I'll manage, though.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Wife! She promised to come check up on me at the gym, and see if I need help. She's so sweet.
- Waking up early. I love that I have time for my journal before leaving.
- Kitty Cat. She's damn cute.
- Numbers and statistics, even though they can drive me nuts sometimes. For now, I do think the smart thing is to do nothing. Keep truckin'. It only makes sense that I'm heading in the right direction. It just takes time to see it.

Have a great weekend!

Life is good!
183.6 lb Lost so far: 158.1 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   losing 12.3 lb a week


Keld. Do me a favor. Check out Calorie Myth, by Jonathan Bailor. Your puzzle about calories in and calories might be solved. I haven't read it yet, but there are some cardiologists that are applauding this book. 
03 Jan 14 by member: Mom2Boxers
Hey, Keld. Nothing is ever easy, is it? Seems like we have to struggle with so much that really should be simple. The fluid drop makes sense because of the loss of muscle, and the loss of muscle makes sense because you just can't do what you had been doing before the surgery yet to keep all that muscle mass fully engaged. I'm thinking that muscle reduction isn't as simple as just being consumed by the body... but more like absorbed. I wonder if that process involves a conversion to fat tissue first, but I don't know. Either way, with less muscle mass to support your metabolism, your RDI is probably in the process of dropping daily. If you're certain your numbers are in the right range, then I agree that you should maybe let it settle another week, as you said you did fiddle with things quite a bit over these three weeks. If you are not so sure of your numbers, you could drop your RDI a smidge more (maybe like 250 / day) and see what effect that has. I'm glad you'll finally get that heart issue resolved, and am very glad to hear you are relaxed about it. Not surprised Mrs. Keld isn't so relaxed... loved ones worry. I've never met you, and I'm worried about ya. I hope all goes well, my friend. And no matter what, don't stress too much about those Tanita numbers just yet. For one thing, you're back is a bit in a corner. The single-best way out of the problem (working out) is an unavailable solution for you... Other than adjusting RDI and adding steps, I don't think you have a lot of other ammo available at the moment (till you get the Doc's clearance). So for now, don't stress. Stress adds fat. :D Heh heh. Take care! 
03 Jan 14 by member: Rob.c.weiss
Interesting stuff. I'm at a loss. I'm seeing strange stuff myself and am hoping that long term trends will be more understandable than the day to day. 
03 Jan 14 by member: Draglist
Give it a few days to get into a groove. If you ate differently in the last couple weeks, you may have gained, or if you did a lot of traveling, that might have something to do with it.  
04 Jan 14 by member: buttercup30
Well, I think it's all because of the TANITA scale TDEE number. I have changed that and I am now going with the Fitbit numbers instead. Every day I enter my weight and bodyfat in the Fitbit system, so it should be pretty accurate. I do think it registers as fair and close to "the real thing" as anything possibly can. I'm simply gonna keep going with these numbers and see what happens. Worst case scenario, I gain a little more weight. All I need to do is to drop it again. I can do that.  
04 Jan 14 by member: kingkeld
The Tanita scale also varies your figures if you change your age... It tends to give you more BF as you get older... 
04 Jan 14 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Your BBO13 reminds me of the 'stupid silly mayo binge' I had in Nov12 ~ things like that happen but I think labeling them as a reminder of insanity helps to remember to not repeat...:0) 
04 Jan 14 by member: FullaBella
I'm still one to think that weight is the most important number and yours is still in check so I too think just to hang in there for a bit longer. Good luck with the docs! Glad to hear you've got no worries! Have a great day. 
04 Jan 14 by member: Lynn1958
Could it be that your muscle loss is tied primarily to the fluid loss? Your fat gain seems high even accounting for the serious surpluses during the BBO13. I think I'd continue with your current course for another week, and see where the average numbers are trending. I'll bet your recent corrections and fine-tuning are helping correct the trends you see now, but you are only seeing the bad (and confusing) part of the curve. As Rob points out, you're kind of limited in how you can deal with this right now - can't worry to much about it. It might be educational to look to the bodybuilder forums for some insight here. Bodybuilders and lifters have cycles of heavy training followed by a week or more of "rest" prior to meets - they must have some knowledge or strategies around this issue. The good news is that regaining lost muscle is easier than getting it in the first place (or so I've heard). 
04 Jan 14 by member: zebdavison
I would wait at least another week just to make sure. Also have you ever posted a picture of your cute kitty? If not you should. I have plans to become the crazy cat lady someday. J/k. I love my two kitties but I couldn't handle too many more because I like a clean house too. Which cats shed horribly and I am not interested in a hairless one. :) 
04 Jan 14 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
Wishing you well next week with your heart shock. Keep us up-to-date on your progress and the outcome.  
04 Jan 14 by member: ClassicRocker


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