kingkeld's Journal, 19 December 2013

Good morning!

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Thursday is HIPPIE DAY! Let's chill and enjoy some Woodstock vibes. :)


I'm up in weight and I don't care. :)

That's the wonderful thing about not worrying about the actual weight number, and focusing on the other numbers instead. I like this. :D

You see, my body fat percentage is down a notch, and even when I convert the percentage to actual weight I am still down a tiny bit. I'm getting leaner and meaner every day.

Of course, there is also a bit of extra fluid on me today.

This might have to do with a slightly higher than usual carb number yesterday. I'm still getting my bearings on this. I had 381g of carbs yesterday, and that was probably over doing it.

I wasn't planning on having all that many, but a few food choices changed, and I had forgotten to register a few things that I thought I did. I didn't realize until it was too late. Meh, what can you do, right? Done was done.

The end result was that I retained a good chunk of water and went a couple of hundred calories over my target.

Let's take a look at all the numbers from today's weigh-in:

Day after surgery: 82.4 kg
18.12.13: 83.1 kg (steady)
19.12.13: 83.9 kg (up)
Average 7 days: 82.5 (up)
Average 28 days: 82.8 (up)

Day after surgery: 07.5% (6.18 kg)
18.12.13: 08.3% (6.90 kg - down)
19.12.13: 08.2% (6.88 kg - down)
Average 7 days: 9.6% (down)
Average 28 days: 10.1% (down)

Muscle weight:
Day after surgery: 72.5 kg
18.12.13: 72.4 kg (up)
19.12.13: 73.3 kg (up)
Average 7 days: 70.9 kg (up)
Average 28 days: 70.8 kg (up)

Fluid Percentage::
Day after surgery: 68.5% (56.44 kg)
18.12.13: 67.3% (55.93 kg - up)
19.12.13: 67.6% (56.72 kg - up)
Average 7 days: 65.8% - up)
Average 28 days: 65.5% - up)

Total Daily Energy Exp.:
Day after surgery: 3379 calories
18.12.13: 3381 calories
19.12.13: 3424 calories
Average 7 days: 3312 calories (up)
Average 28 days: 3309 calories (up)

Abdominal fat:
Day after surgery: 4
18.12.13: 4 (steady)
19.12.13: 4 (steady)
Average 7 days: 4.4 (down)
Average 28 days: 4.8 (steady)

Generally, I find the numbers GREAT. The things that are supposed to go up are going up, the things that are supposed to go down are going down.

The averages tell a nice trend in general too, both for the week and the month.

Since I am heavier and leaner, I also get a little extra on the TDEE or Daily Calorie Intake - today I am supposed to consume 3424 calories! Wow. That's a LOT.

I need to plan my meals carefully to make sure I reach it with reasonable food choices.


I'm REALLY liking eating this way. It just makes so much sense to me. It's getting easier to get the macros right, but it still takes quite some daily adjusting to get it as close to goal as possible.

I am still too high in fat, but again it makes me consume fewer carbs. Jury is still out on whether this matters or not.


A buddy wrote to me and asked how I get the stuff to fit in like I do...

Here's my general approach:

First, I arrange dinner with Wife. We decide what the main meal is gonna be.

I enter this, with a focus on getting as much meat as I can see it realistic for me to eat. This is the basis for my macros that day.

Since I know that I'm supposed to consume 190g of protein, I take a look at the dinner and see how much protein is in it. I also take a look at the fat. Is it anywhere near 30%? If it is, then I'll just add more food in the same general fat percentage. If it is too high, then I'll have to add more lean meat or just regular protein shakes with no fat or carbs, to lower the fat percentage over the course of the day. If I need leaner food, then I will add chicken breast, cottage cheese, lean beef or pork, or protein powder in water. If I need MORE fat to reach 30%, then I'll add fatter meats, maybe chocolate, whole milk, etc.

Once I see these numbers "happy", enough protein and the right range of fat, I start adding sides, and I start adding lunch. Once these are in, I take a look at my calorie intake, and the new numbers for protein and fat. Is it too high or low? I tweak it, by adding or taking away some of the meat or other ingredients. If it's too fat overall, maybe I can take away some added cheese, or just lower the amount of meat and put more protein shake.

Once I have lunch and dinner ready, I look at how many calories I have left. I consider my options to add calories, but to try to stick to the macros. 190g of protein, 30% from fat. The rest should be carbs. This is the general rule, but it does require me to have a LOT of carbs. Usually the compromise - often unintended - is more fat. It's usually not more protein.

I'm not sure how much it matters if I overeat on protein. Sure, it turns to fat. But so does fat. And so does carbs. It doesn't matter WHAT we overeat, when we overeat. It all turns to fat. That's what our body does to store the excess energy.

Maybe it is actually SMARTER to over eat on protein, as it has half the calories of fat? I don't know. I don't think it's all that essential, as long as the criterias are met.

This way it's easy to do, it's sustainable, and most importantly - I LIKE IT!


Today I have nothing much going on. I'm gonna go to the gym to have my morning coffee in a few minutes, then come back and wait for the nurse to get here.

After that, I don't have many plans. It's just a quiet day.

I think I might be ready to take a nice long walk today.


I've got my follow-up appointment at the hospital tomorrow. I can't wait to see what they say. I hope to get to lose the girdles. I am so sick and tired of them. They are tedious, they are hot, they pinch. Good riddance!

The fluid retention is almost gone. There was a little bit yesterday, but it's declining significantly every day. If nothing else, I think it will fully stop throughout the next week.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Great numbers again today!
- No significant plans.
- Wife
- Morning coffee at the gym!

Happy Thursday! Life is good!
185.0 lb Lost so far: 156.7 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed reasonably well.
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Sounds like you are doing well, glad the fluid is almost gone and I do hope you can lose those girdles when you have your visit at the hospital tomorrow.  
19 Dec 13 by member: sarahsmum


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