kingkeld's Journal, 15 December 2013

Good morning!

Yesterday was an AWESOME DAY! Nothing less.

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Wife was doing her thing BIG TIME. It's so rare that she allows herself to truly shine, but yesterday was definitely the day.

Lasse, my gym boss, was throwing his 40th birthday party. He had invited about 50 people, and had asked Wife if he could convince her to do the catering.

Wife did a very very nice Tex Mex buffet, with Mexican rice, Carne Asada, Chicken Mole, Cheese enchiladas, Pico de gallo, home made tortillas, and so much more. For dessert she made an incredible Tres Leches cake.

It was truly amazing, and the compliments were just pouring down on here constantly. It was so much fun.

The theme was (obviously) Mexican, but as we are in Denmark and it's hard to find everything Mexican, Lasse chose to "expand" to make it Latin in general. Wise choice, even if a few people from the burro that would raised their eye brows at it. Me being the DJ, it was also a whole lot easier to find 9 hours of good party music. As long as they sang in Spanish, and it was fun and upbeat, it was go. Tons of good music. Of course, we mixed in a bit of Vicente Fernandez too.

There was even a spanish guitar play here. He did a very fair attempt at serenading Wife, Maricahi style!

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We spend the entire day there, and came home SO tired.

There is no doubt that I over worked myself, helping out cooking and serving, carrying and all.


The downside? I have a bad, stingin pain in my side from one of my stitches. I think I pulled something.

It doesn't feel like anything more than that. When I sit right, stand right, lie right, it doesn't hurt. It's movements where I "forget" that I have it - those hurt. I hope it passes soon. I hate pain.


It was somewhat a challenge to do everything right at the party. I'm talking about my food intake, macros, etc.

I did well, though.

My strategy was simple.

I had a feeling that I would be low on my protein intake, and that's my biggest no-no. So I ensured that I would have enough by having 75g of protein from a huge shake at 11 AM, when my feeding window opened.

I had that as my only lunch.

Dinner was then a few hours later, and this is where I put all the "effort in". I registered EVERYTHING, as well as I could. I ensured to load up massively on meat and beans, to get those protein numbers up.

I only had one piece of cake, I skipped the candy, and limited wine and alcohol quite a bit.

The result? I stopped when I reached the top of my RDI as I'm supposed to, I reached my protein numbers and then some, and I just did well.


Of course, party food has more salt than what I normally eat. It has a million things that can make me retain water and just generally weigh me down.

The result of that is obvious today, but not necessarily bad. Not at all.

Here are the numbers:

07.12.13: 82.4 kg
08.12.13: 82.9 kg (pretty much average of the last several months)
09.12.13: 83.4 kg
10.12.13: 83.4 kg
11.12.13: 82.4 kg
12.12.13: 81.3 kg
13.12.13: 80.3 kg
14.12.13: 81.5 kg
15.12.13: 82.5 kg

07.12.13: 07.5% (6.18 kg)
08.12.13: 07.0% (5.80 kg - lowest in AGES!)
09.12.13: 06.8% (5.67 kg)
10.12.13: 10.8% (9.00 kg)
11.12.13: 09.3% (7.66 kg)
12.12.13: 12.0% (9.56 kg)
13.12.13: 10.9% (8.75 kg)
14.12.13: 11.9% (9.69 kg)
15.12.13: 09.0% (7.43 kg)

Muscle weight:
07.12.13: 72.5 kg
08.12.13: 73.4 kg
09.12.13: 73.9 kg
10.12.13: 71.5 kg
11.12.13: 71.1 kg
12.12.13: 68.0 kg
13.12.13: 68.0 kg
14.12.13: 68.3 kg
15.12.13: 71.4 kg

Fluid Percentage::
07.12.13: 68.5% (56.44 kg)
08.12.13: 68.3% (56.62 kg)
09.12.13: 70.5% (58,80 kg)
10.12.13: 65.6% (54.71 kg)
11.12.13: 66.0% (54,51 kg)
12.12.13: 63.6% (51.71 kg)
13.12.13: 64.4% (51.71 kg)
14.12.13: 63.7% (51.91 kg)
15.12.13: 66.2% (54.62 kg)

Total Daily Energy Exp.:
07.12.13: 3379 calories
08.12.13: 3424 calories
09.12.13: 3451 calories
10.12.13: 3342 calories
11.12.13: 3320 calories
12.12.13: 3179 calories
13.12.13: 3174 calories
14.12.13: 3191 calories
14.12.13: 3332 calories

Abdominal fat:
07.12.13: 4% (a first in a LONG time!)
08.12.13: 4%
09.12.13: 4%
10.12.13: 5%
11.12.13: 5%
12.12.13: 5%
13.12.13: 5%
14.12.13: 5%
15.12.13: 4%

This list of numbers is getting long and confusing. I now have data enough that I can start looking at average numbers instead. Since all the numbers tend to fluctuate a little from day to day, I think averages are a lot more useful and correct.

I have made a little spreadsheet that I will use for it. I enter the numbers I read today, and it'll give me averages for the last 7 and the last 28 days. This way I can see short term changes and long term changes. I believe this should be enough.

Later on, I can decide whether I want to add 3 months or even longer terms. It'll be interesting. Hopefully there won't be too much change.

I already entered these numbers for today, but I won't post until tomorrow. Then we'll start from there, with "Today's numbers" and the average from 7 and 28 days.
I may be up a full kilo in weight, but I am down more than two kilos in fat mass. As always all these numbers have to be taken with a grain of salt.

What is clear is that the retention is primarily fluid, which sits in the muscles.

What I DO like is that this gives me a nice, lean body fat percentage of 9! As long as this is under 10, I am perfectly find with added physical weight.

Another interesting to notice in today's numbers is that as long as the fluid goes to have a seat in my muscles, which is the case, I get a much higher estimate on Total Daily Energy Expenditure. I am up almost 140 calories! Today, I am supposed to - and will - consume 3332 calories.

It's still mind boggling that I can do this without any damage to me. I can't really get my head around it, but it still seems to be working.

As long as the macro nutrient requirements are fulfilled, then it's all good.

Once more, my theories are confirmed. I will keep going.


Today will be a very quiet and inactive day.

We have nothing going on, and we intend to keep it like that. Wife has worked SO HARD of the last couple of weeks, and finishing with the big party yesterday, she is exhausted. I am too.

There is a christmas market thing going on in town today. It's literally right outside the door. (No, LITERALLY. Not even 100 meters away!) I told wife that if she wants to go, I'll join her. If not, then we'll stay here. I can't go anywhere until the nurse has been here to help flush out the goo under my skin. I know there is quite some today, I see it and feel it. It might be because I move too much. I will try to NOT move today, and see if that changes anything.


We both slept great - 10 hours again! - so we're feeling good. I do think it shows that there has been a little too much going on around us lately. Stress from finishing up work for me, and of course the surgery, along with Wife starting on a new job, and finishing up all the party stuff.

It's been a couple of LONG CRAZY WEEKS, and I'm glad they're over.

Here's to a good day!


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Leftovers from the party will make excellent Migas for breakfast in a couple of hours!
- Wife and her amazing party food yesterday. We are even talking about her doing it another time (when she has the energy to put into it) as a small catering thing.
- Morning coffee!
- Lazy Sunday!

Happy Sunday, people! Life is good!

181.9 lb Lost so far: 159.8 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed reasonably well.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   gaining 15.4 lb a week


Keep on Rockin', Keld! 
15 Dec 13 by member: Draglist
You need to provide us with a daily playlist with each journal :D 
15 Dec 13 by member: Cthulhu
LOL@Cthulhu - I just might do that. :) 
15 Dec 13 by member: kingkeld


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