kingkeld's Journal, 11 November 2013

Good morning!


I'm going through a HARD time these days. LOTS of stress, at home, work, upcoming surgery, diet, weight, everything seemed to be coming at me this weekend.

I ended up doing what I know best - eating my way out of it. Or, at least, attempted to eat myself out of it.

As we all know, there is no such thing. We just think there is. Then, when we're done eating, we realize that it didn't help. And then we eat some more to try again.

That's pretty much how Saturday and Sunday went for me.

The results are VERY clear. I'm significantly up in weight, and it's my own damn fault.

I know, beating myself over the head is really not very useful, but I was ON THE RIGHT FRICKIN' TRACK! I was down to 82 kilos, and just about to reach my goal. Now I am at 86 again. What a waste of 4 kilos. :/


Anyways... I better put my mind in the right gear and get moving.

Let me do what I knwo actually works, and try to check the emotions at the door.


I do feel better today. I feel more focused. I'm not sure what the change is. Maybe it's the morning workout that handed me the weight-loss-focus-glasses? Sure, it's only 8 AM, but I feel that it's gonna be different today.


It's very tempting to just go Low Cal Days all the way now, to reach some serious weight loss results here and now and quick.

Normally, I wouldn't recommend doing this, but I am now a full week behind, and I only have three weeks until surgery. I REALLY want to be at 80 kilos (or less) on the day. It's a goal. It's a mission.

It's NOT a requirement, though. I seriously doubt that the doctors will weigh me. But they WILL evaluate whether they can do a nice piece of work, and of course I want them to. Otherwise, what's the point?

I need to have as little fluid retained in my body, and as little fat too of course, by the beginning of December.

So, if I don't go NOW, there is no point in even trying. And I WANT those results.


It often puzzles me how addictive that damn sugar is. It amazes me. I can fully understand how "true" addicts feel. Once I am used to sugars, I just can't resist, and the Carb Monster seems to be passionately in love with me these days.

I need to tell him that we gotta stop seeing each other. It's not me. It's him. He's not welcome anymore. Not that he ever was.


So, today it's ALL ABOUT FOCUS!


I have laid out a plan, and I'm gonna follow it.

Actually, it's gonna be the plan for most days this week. It's simple, and it's gonna work. It's gonna make me lose quite a bit of fat, and a LOT of fluid. Or so I think and hope.


Basically, I'm gonna go Low Cal Days with super focus on nutritional balance.

It's a TOUGH diet, because it's über restrictive, but it's something that I know can nudge off a chunk of fat and quite some fluid in a few days.

(DISCLAIMER!!! Now, before I start talking about this, please don't just run out and copy what I do here. It's generally NOT recommended. This is NOT the way you should be losing weight. Never forget that I mostly write this journal for ME, and putting thoughts into words help me establish my laws and rules, and help me stick to them. Losing weight by drastically lowering calorie intake like this is not a good idea - especially not if you don't know what you're doing in regards to micro managing your nutrition. Most people WILL FAIL dieting like this, and it should never ever be done more than a few days at a time.)
The rules are:
- FULL focus on getting enough protein. For my body, this is at least 100g of protein per day.
- FULL focus on getting 30% of my calories from fat.
- FULL focus on consuming as few carbs as humanly possible.
- FULL focus on going as low on calories as possible.

I have done this before, and it worked. It's hard to do though, and I don't recommend doing it to anyone, simply because you risk messing things up instead of moving forward. It takes a very determined mind.

I think that this is what I need right now, if I want any kind of results. Often, I work best under pressure, and we have seen it before. The weeks before I am supposed to reach a goal, it all kicks into gear and I pull it off, last minute.

I have it all lined up for today.

There won't be a whole lot to eat - just enough that I know I won't go hungry, enough of the things I need, and none of the things I don't need.


Lunch will simply be ham. Nothing else. 100g is 110 calories. 18g of protein, with a little fat on the side.

Dinner is an omelette, with bacon on the side.

The rest will be BCAA (morning) for protein during and post workout, and a protein shake later in the day.

I'm gonna end up at 800 calories, 106g of protein and 31% of my calories coming from fat. Carbs will be at 6g for the entire day. It's EXACTLY where I want to be.

This should help me getting going. Let's see where it takes me.

I know it will take me a day or two of doing this befor results start showing. The tricky part is to plan out the whole menu for the day, make sure there is enough food that I don't go hungry, and then STICK TO IT.

I know the Carb Monster is gonna severely rattle his cage. He is NOT gonna like this. I just need to show who's the boss.

Today is a great day to do it. I'm not coming home until AFTER 7 PM, and at this time my feeding window will be closed. There is NO option to eat.

Also, I will be busy all afternoon and evening, teaching my weight loss classes.

Today, I find that to be such a sad irony. Me having issues dropping a few kilos, but keep messing up, AND teaching weight loss. LOL.

This is another reason that I have to do this. I have to be the best I can be to show that this is accomplishable. Today will be hard, but I know I can pull it off.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Scales that wake you up, and show you the mess you've made.
- Taking a hard look at numbers, and make the decision to FIX IT NOW.
- Wife. She's 100% supportive. Sorry, babe, your food is gonna suck this week, if you wanna eat with me. LOL.
- Morning Coffee. And more coffee all day. :)

Happy Monday! Happy new beginnings. Life is good!
190.3 lb Lost so far: 151.5 lb.    Still to go: 2.9 lb.    Diet followed poorly.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   gaining 15.4 lb a week


I understand what stress eating can do. It always puts me completely off course. I'm so glad to see you didn't let one slip up take total control. I hope all this hard work and effort you're going to be putting in this week let's you make your goal. Fingers crossed for you! Keep up this amazing job. 
11 Nov 13 by member: angel_face0145
Glad you feel a bit better today, Keld. I certainly know stress eating. Deep breaths, bud. You'll get through this. 
11 Nov 13 by member: Helewis
Breathing DEEPLY! :) I'm getting through it, but it IS significantly harder to do this these days. "Significantly harder" doesn't equal "Impossible", though. :) 
11 Nov 13 by member: kingkeld
I too find that the scale "wakes you up". Scares you so you are less likely to do it least not in the near future. It must be so hard to keep motivated when you are so close to your goal. I'm sure you can do it, you seem very determined:) 
11 Nov 13 by member: just_keep_swimming
Who better to teach weight loss? You have accomplished amazing things. The world is full of temptations and stress. Sometimes people break. Forgive yourself and grab control which is what you are doing. I think you will get greater respect from your students by being honest that you slipped and now have to get back on track. You are a human...and it is human nature to think we can have it all. Regarding the must be like me. I work better under pressure to a certain extent. I have to have something pushing me. You may have been concerned about the surgery too long in advance for your personality. You are used to pulling things out at the last moment. You know how to do maybe this is your subconscious mind causing you to now have to power lose. Good Luck...we are here to support you!  
11 Nov 13 by member: kmunson
Wow wow wow. You had a plan, you are focused (from what I can read). Now go get 'em! I have faith that you will reach your goal.  
11 Nov 13 by member: coachcj8


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